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July 6, 2013

NFS: Police Tower Defense HD Apk v1.06

NFS: Police Tower Defense HD 1.06 (1.06)
Requirements: 2.3 and unlock
Overview: Police Defense Tower System HD is a Fresh and Dynamic Tower Defense Game with Great HD

Resolution(High settings), set in the world of illegal racing. The combination of strategy and arcade game at a great climate. The best of its kind and for free! If you like TD games, our Police Defense is right for you. No ads!***
With each update, we will give you new locations.
If you have a powerful phone in the settings to change from low to high and Restart your game, you will see the graphic in native resolution 1920x1080px***

Police Defense Tower System HD - Tower Defense game:
- 10 types of towers, with three levels of upgrade,
- 14 amazing locations,
- 14 different audio tracks and tailor-made according to the specific climate of the country,
- Police Defense: Tower System HD is available in English and Polski in preparation versions are Deutsch, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Pусский and French,
- PD is a cross games like GTA, NFS in Tower Defense system in Cannonball Climate.

World Illegal Series (WIS) are races taking part in different, of ten remote, parts of the World. The competitors are not only endangered with attacks by their co-racers, but also the Police, which does everything in its powers to stop those crazy races like Cannonball. The series starts in Tokyo and finishes in New York. During it the whole cavalcade of race cars will roll through the world’s most beautiful spots. We, the policemen, can not allow those madmen to roll over these beautiful locations, or create dangerous situations on the road. We must take all steps available to stop World Illegal Series, by catching the most dangerous drivers. Grasp your radar gun and catch all cars in new quality Tower Defense game.
1. Japan – The competition takes place in the historic part of Tokyo. The country of the blossoming cherry tree is the first stage for World’s largest illegal races.
2. China - The main attraction of this stage is the Great Wall of China. The race takes place not far from Beijing.
3. Russia – In Moscow competitors will face on the Red Square, where the influences of the overturned communism meet with those of the Moscow Orthodox Church.
4. Norway – The Arctic circle, cars of WIS will be faced with extremely low temperatures and difficult weather conditions.
5. Great Britain – foggy London, it is in the capital of the left-hand traffic, red city buses and black cabs.
6. France – Centre for culture and arts – Paris. Who win the race in this beautiful city?
7. Italy – Hot Rome welcomes the participants of WIS with sun and breathtaking beauty of its historic monuments like Colloseum.
8. Spain – the city is commonly known as the holy places of football. The Madrid circuit leads around a football stadium well known to all football fans.
9. Egypt – The pyramids and the Sphinx are the remains of the Great Egypt. In this beautiful Cairo we will, be faced with speeding cavalcade of sports care.
10. Sahara – Sand, dunes, snakes and scorpions. This remote terrain will stage the next event of the World Illegal Series.
11. Brazil – WIS moved to the damp terrains of the Amazon delta. The drivers will become stuck in mud, sinking their vehicles while trying to ford rivers.
12. Jamaica – The Caribbean are one of World’s most beautiful regions, commonly named the earthly heaven. Ocean, gold send and blue lagoon.
13. USA p1 Canyon – Don’t let them run over one of the symbols of the USA. Make it remain untouched for future generations.
14. USA p2 New York –Thos madmen found their way to the Liberty Island, where they plan to stage their final match, around the Statue of Liberty.
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