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July 20, 2013

Bounty Arms Apk v1.0 Full Unlocked

Free Install App Bounty Arms 1.0 Full Android
Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: From the team that brought you iOS Editor's Choice BLADESLINGER comes BOUNTY ARMS, a beautiful, action-packed 3D adventure with simple, mobile-friendly controls.

Bounty Arms Apk v1.0

Play as Drake Mass, Goober, or Flux Helix and equip an array of loyal pets to complete quests, win bounties, and defeat epic bosses! As featured in TegraZone!
★ Swat enemies to bits a FLY SWATTER
★ Blast targets with CONFETTI or FLYING PIGS
★ Morph into a monster with Drake's BERSERK MODE
"Bottom Line: Probably the best platformer for Android devices I've had the pleasure of playing. If you love platformers, arcade style games and really want something that pumps the Tegra capabilities to the max, you really ought to own Bounty Arms the moment you can." -- GAMEWOOF
"I’m shocked and pleasantly surprised at how well the joystick works in this game." -- GAMEWOOF
"The most fun you've ever had shooting green flaming gas from a dragon head shotgun." -- Us
Featured by Infinity Blade developer Epic Games as a technology showcase for the Unreal Engine, Bounty Arms delivers stunningly rich visuals in a detailed 3D environment. As mobile games approach console quality, Bounty Arms raises the bar further.
Join Drake Mass, Goober, and Flux Helix as you participate in the bounty hunter group known as the "HOGS", traveling across galaxies to strange worlds seeking bounties.
Bounty Arms delivers full freedom of movement in a classic genre giving extra attention to simplified touch input design.
Achieve top rank in each mission, complete bonus objectives, and claim your spot atop global leaderboards with a variety of different hero & pet combinations.
Secret doors and treasure chests throughout offer random items and rewards.
We are personally here to answer your questions, and incorporate your feedback into ongoing improvements for Bounty Arms.
Developed by Open-Reset and published by Kerosene Games.

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