Apk Free Download: May 2013

May 31, 2013

Pudding Camera Apk v3.0.2

Check out this latest Full Apk - Pudding Camera 3.0.2 Free Download
Requirements: 2.2+ updated unlocked
Overview: 72 Quality Effects in One Classic Camera App! Pudding Camera

Pudding Camera Apk v3.0.2

★★★72 Quality Effects in One Classic Camera App! Pudding Camera!★★★

Take Professional Photos with Your Smartphone!
72 Quality Effects in One Classic Camera App – All for Free!

★★★Loved by Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, B2st, KARA & K-POP Stars for Flattering Self-portraits★★★
★★★Recommended by Major IT Media Including CNET, Mashable & More★★★

Pudding Camera’s 9 Quality Cameras and 8 Beautiful Films - with various aspect ratios, Multi-frame shots, Fish-eye and toy camera effects - will enable anyone to produce gorgeous photography with DSLR quality.

[Exclusive in Pudding Camera]
★’The’ Widest Viewfinder and a Real Camera-Like Interface
Enjoy our full-screen viewfinder and interface controls which resemble real-life cameras.
★Essential Aspect Ratios
Basic (4:3), Snap (3:2), Panorama (1.85:1)
★Fun-inducing Cameras with Effects - Tilt-Shift, Multi-frame Shots & Fish-eye
Fantasy (Tilt-Shift), Motion2x2 (4:3 / 4 shots), Motionx4 (1:3 / 4 shots), Fish-eye (hemispherical), Triplex (3 shots)
★8 Films Designed with Retro Sensibility
Basic, Vintage Brown, Vintage Blue, Vignetting, Dazzle, Mono, Noir, Vivid

[Main Features]
★Camera Functions
- Choose from 8 Quality Cameras and 8 Beautiful Films
- Exposure Controls (-2.0~+2.0)
- Face Recognition
- Grid feature
- Self-Camera mode (Touch screen to shoot)
- Timer countdown for Motion Camera Series
- Photos ordered by date in Gallery
- Share and delete multiple photos
- Preview Photo with image data: Date, time, camera, film, image size and exposure info
- Supports three resolution sizes (Small: 472px, Medium: 700px, Large: 1280px
- Update Pudding Camera from Settings
★Easy, Instant Sharing

What's in this version:
- removed the option to send photos to Pudding.to
- Fixed bugs and improved functions

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RacingMeter for Torque Pro Apk v1.4.1

Check out this latest Apk Full - RacingMeter for Torque Pro 1.4.1 Free Android
Requirements: 2.1 and updated unlocked mod
Overview: RacingMeter for Torque Pro cracked is a Fully Customizable Racing digital dash including a live and logged Telemetry data viewer.

RacingMeter for Torque Pro Apk v1.4.1

RacingMeter is a plugin for the Torque pro OBD2 application. Start RacingMeter from Torque's main menu.

• Digital Gauges for RPM, Speed, Engine coolant temperature, Intake Air temperature, Catalysts temperature, Engine Load, Turbo boost, Fuel Consumption, Clock, Fuel pump and Rail pressures (gauge and relative pressure).

• Analog Gauges with Auto Scale, Warning and fully Customizable style, scale, angle, size and warning thresholds. For RPM, Engine Load, Turbo boost, Engine coolant temperature, Intake Air temperature, Speed, Catalyst temperatures, Fuel pump and Rail pressures.

• RPM LEDs Bar
Customizable colors, four styles and three animations available. Automatic or manual threshold settings. Two additional LEDs Bar are available to display Turbo, RPM or Load data.

• Gear Estimate
This value is calculated with the speed and RPM values.

• Customisable dashboard & profiles
Layout your own dashboard. Move, rescale, add or remove any parameters, three different layout profile can be saved and number of screens can be increased up to five. Frame and LEDs style fully customizable.

• Shift Light
Flash on screen, Automatic or manual threshold and color settings.

• Telemetry Viewer
Display Telemetry in real-time and save up to one hour of data. Two cursors can be placed on the graph to measure the time between two points.

The following data are recorded:
Speed, RPM, Gear, Engine load, Turbo boost, Lateral forces, Longitudinal forces.
• Import/Export the telemetry data as a CSV file on your sdcard for further calculations. Export to RaceRender format supported with the following data: Time, GPS Latitude, GPS Longitude, Speed, G-Forces, RPM, Throttle position, Gear, Turbo.
• Heads up display / HUD mode for night time driving.
• G-Force Meter (plotted 5s)
• Acceleration measures

Current and Best acceleration Widgets based on speed or distance. You can define the thresholds.

What's in Free RacingMeter for Torque Pro Apk:
- Improve data filtering.
- Change advanced settings behavior.
- Add GPS data to the Racerender file format.
- Minor bugs fixed.

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Action Launcher Pro Apk v1.7.5

Check out this newly released Apk Full - Action Launcher Pro 1.7.5 Free Android
Requirements: 4.0.3 and updated unlocked mod
Overview: Action Launcher Apk Cracked re-imagines the concept of an Android launcher. Put simply, Action Launcher is designed to get you where you need to go, faster.

Action Launcher Pro Apk v1.7.5

It looks and feels like a natural launching pad for the Android ecosystem.

Standout features include:
* Sliding app drawer for instant access to all your apps
* 'Covers', an innovative new way to quickly launch apps and shortcuts without compromising the look of your carefully crafted homescreen.
* Quicksearch, a fast and powerful feature that allows you to search for apps, contacts and even music directly from the action bar.
* Android's unique and powerful action bar is fully integrated into your desktop.
* Highly organized customization options
* All of the settings you expect from custom launcher: specify apps to hide, adjustable number of home screen pages, grid sizes, page margins, dock toggles, resize any widget, etc.
* Strong Play Store integration

Action Launcher allows you to import from existing launcher layout from other launchers such as Apex, Nova, TouchWiz and the stock Android launcher, so you'll instantly feel right at home.

What's in Free Action Launcher Pro Apk:
NEW: Icon pack support.
NEW: Support Google's new navigation drawer standards.
NEW: 'Auto memory cache' aka 'Keep in memory' option (Labs).
NEW: Drag apps & widgets from the quickdrawer directly to a Home screen.
NEW: Lock/unlock desktop.
NEW: Shutters, a groundbreaking new feature that automatically puts widgets just a swipe away. (Android 4.1 or later)
NEW: Full tablet support.

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Sliding Messaging Pro Apk v6.11

Check out this latest Apk Full - Sliding Messaging Pro 6.11 Free Android
Requirements: 4.0 and updated unlocked mod patched
Overview: Easily manage text messages in a new and up to date format compliant with the Android design guidelines and visually based on the stock messaging app from Google, with added features.

Sliding Messaging Pro Apk v6.11

- Easily switch between conversations by dragging out the sliding menu on the left side of the screen.
- Start a new conversation by sliding out the menu on the right side of the screen
- Manage old messages with a single click
- Choose between light and dark themes
- Emoji support (Only if you phone supports them, many do not such as Touchwiz phones)
- Adjust text size and control notifications and theme though settings
- Quick reply popup
- Multi-window support for Galaxy Note
- Light Flow support (will be active once Light Flow has been updated)

Please note: As of now, this is just a basic messaging app with a great layout and simple features. Currently, MMS is not supported, but it may be added in the future along with other feature requests, please sound off in the comments of what you would like to see in future versions!

If you are having problems receiving notifications, you may need to uninstall 3rd party messengers such as Go SMS.
When using this app, do not disable the stock messaging app as I use it to permanently save messages to the phone. You can however, disable notifications for it so that you don't receive 2 of them.

What's in Free Sliding Messaging Pro Apk:
- Major rework of settings layout
- Rework of change log and initial notes
- Added 1x1 widget with unread counter
- More options for notification icons
- Layout optimizations
- Bug fixes

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SwiftKey Keyboard Apk v4.1.2.147

Check out this Latest Apk Full - SwiftKey Keyboard Free Download
Requirements: Varies with device
Overview: SwiftKey – the best-selling keyboard on Android

SwiftKey Keyboard Apk v4.1.2.147

#1 selling app in 38 countries, over 70,000 ✮✮✮✮✮ reviews
Winner of Webby Award & Global Mobile Award for Innovation
A Fast Company Top 10 Most Innovative Mobile Business
The only true multi-lingual keyboard - type in up to three languages simultaneously

SwiftKey replaces the touchscreen keyboard on your phone with one that understands how words work together, giving the world’s most accurate autocorrect - and predicting your next word before you press a key.

The keyboard learns as you use it to make corrections and predictions based on the way that you write. It can even learn from your Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or blog to make its insights even more personalized. You can also enable up to three languages simultaneously, for true multi-lingual typing.

Switch seamlessly between tapping and gesture typing with our new SwiftKey Flow feature. It combines the mind-reading capabilities of SwiftKey with the speed of gliding your fingers across the screen. With ‘Flow Through Space’, you can also enter entire phrases without lifting your finger from the screen, simply by sliding to the space bar between words.

For video tips and support, visit http://www.swiftkey.net/

Language support (enable up to three at once):
English (US)
English (UK)
English (AU)
French (CA)
French (FR)
Persian (Farsi)
Portuguese (BR)
Portuguese (PT)
Spanish (ES)
Spanish (US)
Spanish (LA)

What's in Free SwiftKey Keyboard Apk:
Bugs fixed in 4.1.1:
Cursor jumping around in the native Samsung email application, causing words to be inserted in odd places
Google Hangouts showing a non-functional “execute” button in landscape mode
Crashing when Personalization fails
Crashing when using the Pitch theme on devices running Android 2.1

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Meme Generator Apk v1.871

check out this newly Apk Full - Meme Generator 1.871 Free Android
Requirements: Android 2.1+ updated unlocked patched
Overview: With this app you can create the funniest memes. You can save the created meme or share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, Bluetooth, Dropbox, Picasa... The images are saved in high resolution, which means that your memes will look great despite the fact that they were edited on a phone.

Meme Generator Apk v1.871

Choose a meme, insert a funny caption, and share it with friends!

"Trolling must-have." - AndroidZoom.com

"Creative App Allows You to Create the Funniest Meme." - AppEggs.com

With this app you can create the funniest memes. You can save the created meme or share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, E-mail, Bluetooth, Dropbox, Picasa... The images are saved in high resolution, which means that your memes will look great despite the fact that they were edited on a phone.

You can ADD A CUSTOM PICTURE! If you can't find the right meme for you, just add a custom picture and create a meme yourself!

When you enter the application you see a beautiful SEARCHABLE list with previews which lets you select your desired meme. In the editing screen you will see 2 input fields. Insert the top and bottom text and save or share your meme. The application can also provide you with some examples so you get the right idea for this specific meme. You can also create a list of your favorite memes!

You can choose from more than 200 memes. You will be able to choose Advice Dog, Anti Joke Chicken, Bad Luck Brian, Brace yourselves, Bear Grylls, Business Cat, Courage Wolf, Foul Bachelor Frog, Butthurt Dweller, Over 9000, Good Guy Greg, Hipster Kitty, Ancient Aliens, Yao Ming, Third world success kid, Boromir, Baby Godfather, Bad luck Brian, Conspiracy Keanu, Neil DeGrasse, Idiot nerd girl, Confucius says, Ridiculously Photogenic Guy, Slowpoke, Friend zone Fiona, Philosoraptor, Scumbag Steve, Vengeance Dad, Xzibit, Woody and Buzz, College Freshman, Condescending Wonka... And many many more!

10 Reasons why this app is better than the others:
1. It doesn't tag the created memes!
2. No annoying pop-up windows that tell you to buy something.
3. Big selection of images and multiple captions.
5. High resolution images.
7. Beautiful searchable list and favorites!
10. Over 170 memes to choose from!

What's in this version :
★Some search bar colour problems have been solved
★We added new memes:
*Dangerously Austin Powers
*Ron Paul
Cool new memes:
*Suicide Stewie Family Guy
*Screaming Captain Kirk
*Crying Peter Parker
*The Most Interesting Cat in the World
*Sceptical Hippo

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Next Launcher 3D Apk v1.33 Patched Proper

Next Launcher 3D v1.33 Patched Proper
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Designed by GO Dev Team, ‘Next Launcher 3D’ shows how a 3-D and dynamic launcher could be possibly like -- Extend imagination, extend capabilities. Wish you enjoy this app and have a wonderful holiday!

Next Launcher 3D Apk v1.33 Patched Proper

1. Various operation for icons: icons support rotation, reset, select, align and so on. Operation is easy and fantastic.
2 .Unlimited screen layout: placing icons or widgets randomly which forms your own home screen.
3. Stereoscopic screen preview: lots of screen display effects, dazzling animation of screen switching about adding or deleting screen.
4. Quick screen management: adding different kinds of elements in screen edit including application icons, folders and widgets. It’ll support changing wallpapers and themes soon.
5. Rotatable dock: inverting upward or downward the Dock can quickly switch among home screen, screen edit and screen preview.
6. Powerful app drawer: icons can be arranged by names or by time, and folders can be created by overlaying icons. Batch mode and operation of adding apps to screen are also available.
7. Beautiful scrolling effects: a variety of app drawer scrolling effects that provide a distinctive screen switching experience.
8. Fancy 3D widgets: 3D widgets that are based on Next Launcher are coming soon!

1.Please make sure your device has installed Google Play.
2.Phone performance:Android 2.3.3 and up; Dual-core models is better.
3. Suggestion:Watch the video of Next Launcher first, to know about the cool operation of the product.

Thx to zealot01!!

What's in Free Next Launcher 3D Apk Patched Proper:
1.(New) App drawer supports Crystal effect(Preference—>Effects settings—>Horizontal transition)
2.(New) Check app info. in App Drawer (App drawer—>Long press an app and drag it to the top of screen)
3.(Improve) Drag icons and widgets from one screen to another
4.(Fixed) Some FC bugs

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Twitter Apk v4.1.0

Check out this newly released Apk Full - Twitter 4.1.0 Free Android
Requirements: Android Varies with device
Overview: With Twitter, you can watch the world unfold like never before.

Twitter Apk v4.1.0
Download Twitter Android 4.1.0

With Twitter, you can watch the world unfold like never before. • Get real-time stories, pictures, videos, conversations, ideas, and inspiration all in your timeline.
• Follow people and your interests to get unfiltered access and unique behind-the-scenes perspectives.
• Express yourself with photos, videos and comments.
Twitter is your global town square.

What's in Free Twitter Apk Droid App:
The new Tweet composer makes it easier to share with quick access to your camera roll and clear previews of how your Tweets will appear. Also:
• Richer notifications now include details like avatars and indicate how people are interacting with you (reply, retweet, etc.) for devices running Android 4.0 and higher,
• Enjoy wider and taller timelines in all parts of the app including profiles, search, and Discover.
• Receive a notification when a friend has joined Twitter.

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White Noise Apk v5.1

Check out this newly released Apk Full - White Noise 5.1 Free Android
Requirements: 1.6 and up
Overview: Relax. Sleep Better. Feel Better. Download White Noise and sleep great!

White Noise Apk v5.1

FIND OUT WHY THE WORLD IS SLEEPING BETTER! White Noise has 40+ ambient sounds to help you relax or sleep. Audio background service, sound shutoff timer, multiple alarms, sound controls, and high quality looping sounds like ocean waves, rain storms, running stream, and more. Featured in Health Magazine, The Washington Post, New York Times, PC Magazine, and raved about by thousands of satisfied customers. Find out why the world is sleeping better with White Noise.

Includes the following great features:
• 40 perfectly looped ambient sleep sounds
• Download new sounds for free at our White Noise Market (http://whitenoisemarket.com/)
• Background audio allows you to listen while using other apps
• Quick access to your favorite sounds
• Sound shutoff timer to save battery (volume slowly fades out)
• Alarm clock with multiple alarm sounds
• Full screen LED digital clock perfect for any nightstand
• Alarm slowly fades volume in so you wake up refreshed
• No Ads

Includes the following unique sounds:
Air Conditioner, Airplane, Amazon, Beach Waves, Boat, Cars, Cat Purring, Chimes, City Streets, Clock, Clothes Dryer, Crickets, Crowd, Drip, Fan, Fire, Frogs, Hair Dryer, Heartbeat, Blue Noise, Brown Noise, Pink Noise, Violet Noise, White Noise, Ocean Waves, Car Rain, Light Rain, Heavy Rain, Extreme Rain, Rain Storm, Shower, Sprinkler, Stream, Tibetan Bowl, Thunder, Train, Vacuum, Washer, Water, Wind

What's in Free White Noise Apk: (Updated : May 29, 2013)
Added 24 Hour Time setting that is independent of device's clock settings
Added Save Clock Brightness setting which restores Sleep View last brightness when enabled.
Improved Audio Buffering
Alarm fixes and other minors

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Now Playing Music Player Apk v1.46

Check out this newly released Apk Full - Now Playing Music Player 1.46 Free Android
Requirements: 2.3 and updated unlocked modded for tablets
Overview: Now Playing Apk Cracked is a powerful, elegant music player for Android.

Now Playing Music Player Apk v1.46
Download Now Playing Music Player v1.46

Featuring a simplistic Google Now-esque theme, Now Playing is the most beautiful Music Player in the Play Store.

Now Playing is streamlined, containing only the necessary features, without the bloat and complex UI's of the competing music players.

Now Playing's streamlined approach to your music collection allows you to quickly navigate your library to find the song you're looking for. It's built in search function speeds this process up even further if you already know what you're looking for.

• Compatibility with your phones built in equaliser. If your phone did not come with one, one can be downloaded from the Play Store.
• Share your currently playing songs on Twitter/Facebook/Google+ or anywhere else you like with one tap.
• Automatically fetches lyrics for the currently playing song.
• Automatically downloads Album/Artist art from Last.FM.
• Scrobbling to Last.FM. (Soon)
• DashClock Music compatibility.

• On the Now Playing screen, swipe to the right to get to the song queue. Swipe to the left to fetch lyrics for the currently playing song.
• Tap the bottom bar to goto the Now Playing screen from anywhere in the app. Swipe the bottom bar audio controls to expose shuffle and repeat options.

What's in Free Now Playing Music Player Apk: (Updated : May 29, 2013)
Sleep Timer
Scrolling Animations
Improved Scrolling Performance

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Camera 2 Apk v1.0.1

Check out this newly released Apk Camera 2 1.0.1 FREE Android
Requirements: 4.0.3 and updated unlocked modded
Overview: Camera 2 Apk Cracked is the ultimate real-time effects app.

Camera 2 Apk v1.0.1
Download Camera 2 Apk

Take better pictures, amazing videos and have fun creating them.
Featuring many unique high quality effects, grouped into families sharing a common theme:
● Old Time: make your camera look like something from the 20's, 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's or 80's
● Lomos and Retro: everyone's favourite, from normal to sublime.
● Comic: to express yourself, half tone, B&W, printed comics, new style, mix and match
● Art: sometimes you just want to create a piece of art with a tap
● Sci-Fi: see it to believe it
● Computer: and finally, for every geek or nerd out there, this is unmissable. Old computer monitors
Many of the effects can be boosted by applying a superb "out of focus"/"depth of field" filter, and, as usual, it's all real time.
Main features:
● Capture high resolution photos with effects
● Capture video with effects (*)
● Apply the effects to your existing photos too
● Share your creations straight from the app
● More than 25 high quality effects
● Tweak each effect to achieve your own unique look
● Animated effects
(*) Video recording requires that your device supports NEON instructions, most modern devices do.

What's in Free Camera 2 Apk:
- Fixed potential crash after taking many pictures
- Fixed gallery not working properly on some devices

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Windows 7 Task Bar Apk v1.2

Check out this newly released Apk Full - Windows 7 Task Bar 1.2 Free Android
Requirements: Android O/S : 3.0+ updated unlocked patached
Overview: Tab the start button to show/hide the task bar and Long press it to show/hide the start menu!

Windows 7 Task Bar Apk v1.2
Download Windows 7 Task Bar Apk 1.2

It's just same with Windows 7 Task Bar!
You can multitasking and task-kill everywhere, anytime.
Tab the start button to show/hide the task bar and Long press it to show/hide the start menu.

In some versions of MIUI, you are supposed to check 'Show popup window' in application setting.
Tag: taskbar quick launcher dock multi tasking apps windows8 windows7 changer switcher manager shortcut

What's in Free Windows 7 Task Bar Apk:
improved 'Edit folders'/'Edit side menu'
memory little bit optimized
able to set sensitivity of gesture or drag
able to set direction of gesture
able to hide task manager(task kill) icon
able to change apps' order when multi tasking in task bar
able to set to start automatically when your phone restarts or not

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Music Player (Remix) Apk v1.4.1

check out this newly released Apk Full - Music Player (Remix) 1.4.1 Android Apps
Requirements: Android 2.3+ updated unloced mod patched for tablets
Overview: Music Player (Remix) Cracked is an advanced music app with many unique features.

Music Player (Remix) Apk v1.4.1

Music Player (Remix) Free Download is an advanced music app for Android designed from the ground up to be powerful, yet user-friendly and fun to use.
The app has a large assortment of features, many of which you won't find in any other music app. They include:
- Large, finger-friendly controls on phones and tablets - Tap the album art to pause/play & skip tracks.
- While using other apps, swipe from the bottom of the screen to reveal the "mini-player" allowing you to control your music and view/edit your Now Playing list without leaving other apps.
- Any time you add songs to your device, the app will issue a notification which when tapped will load those songs into a playlist and play them.
- From anywhere within the app, swipe from the bottom to reveal music controls and the Now Playing list.
- From anywhere within the app, swipe from the right side to access your music library, search function, help, preferences, and aesthetic options including wallpaper & menu color customization.
- From anywhere within the app, swipe from the left side of the screen to access your faves (one-touch access to songs/albums/artists), playlists, and autolists (auto-generated playlists based upon your listening habits).
- 5 customizable quick shortcuts are available on the Now Playing screen. Assign various functions to each one included Add to Playlist, Save bookmark, Lyrics, Share song, View YouTube video, and much more.
- All screens are optimized for portrait and landscape orientations.
- The Now Playing screen has been designed to take advantage of the extra screen space on 7" and 8.9"/10" tablets.
- All library browsing screens have several display and sorting options.
- Save bookmarks in a song and visual markers will appear on the scrubber bar. Tap previous/next to jump between bookmarks or use the "View Bookmarks" option to select a bookmark.
- Any time you play a song, a bookmark is automatically saved when you leave the song. To go back to the previous play position in a song, use the "View Bookmarks" option.
- Download album art for any song or album. Select from several choices with different image resolutions. Album art is embedded directly in the music files.
- Download lyrics for a song which are embedded directly in the music file (or optionally saved in an external text file). Pinch/zoom the lyrics to change the font size. Feel like singing along? Use the karaoke feature to record yourself as you view the lyrics.
- Advanced playlist management including drag/drop song re-ordering & multi-add mode. While in multi-add mode, go to any screen within the app and tap songs/albums/artists/genres/composers to quickly add them to the playlist.
- When viewing an artist, swipe between the song list, the album list, and the artist's wiki page. Wiki options are also available on the album, genre, and composer info screens.
- Stylish 4x1 and 4x2 home screen widgets.
- Various lock screen control options including basic controls (ICS+), advanced mini-player controls (ICS+), or the 4x2 widget (Android 4.2+).
- Fine-tuned controls for quickly skipping backward and forward by 5, 30, or 60 seconds. Long-tap the pause/play tap area to reveal (or hide) the controls.
- And much, much more!!!
I hope you enjoy using Music Player (Remix). If you have any questions about the app, feel free to contact me via email or Twitter (@MusicRemixApp or @Hedami).
Permissions description:
android.permission.BROADCAST_STICKY: Broadcasting current song info
android.permission.WAKE_LOCK: Keeping the music service running while music is playing
android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Reading karaoke files & album art temp files
android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Storing lyric data, album art data, & karaoke files
android.permission.INTERNET: Downloading lyrics, album art, wiki info, & youtube video links
android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO: Recording karaoke sessions
android.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW: Displaying the mini-player

What's in Free Music Player (Remix) Apk: (Updated : May 30, 2013)
(New Feature) Add Jellybean expandable notifications.
(Enhancement) Long-tapping the menu button will display the search prompt (for devices that support this functionality).
(Bug Fix) Last.FM login was failing due to a change in the Last.FM API.
(Bug Fix) Equalizer not working on the Galaxy S4 and causing occasional crashes.
(Bug Fix) Songs would sometimes double-skip or momentarily pause when changing tracks.
Several other bug fixes.

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Yandex.Shell Apk v2.22

Check out this newly released Apk Full - Yandex.Shell 2.22 (Multilanguages)
Requirements: Android 2.2+ updated unlocked patched
Overview: Yandex.Shell Apk Cracked is an intuitive interface that makes using Android devices a breeze. It only takes a second to customise the various screens, while the interface automatically sorts your apps and widgets. Simply use the 3D carousel to switch between screens.

Yandex.Shell Apk v2.22

You can place all your most frequently used widgets on the same screen to keep up-to-date with all the latest local news, weather and traffic. The built-in app search tool will help you easily find an app on your phone or online.
The Yandex.Shell address book also doubles as a business directory. For example, if you search for “restaurant” the app will show you the address and telephone number of restaurants in the area.
If you receive a missed call from an unknown number, Shell will automatically check the business directory for this number and show you the name in your call history if possible.
Yandex.Shell is available as a free download for users in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Turkey.

What's in Free Yandex.Shell Apk:
- Localization to English and 23 other languages added (choose language in Shell settings)
- An experimental configuration backup/restore function added
- Percent calculations added to Calculator
- Possibility to buy tickets from Afisha panel added

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Snap Camera HDR Apk v3.2.3

Check out this newly released Apk Full - Snap Camera HDR 3.2.3 Android App
Requirements: 2.3.3 and updated unlocked mod patched
Overview: The best possible camera experience with regular updates and new features added all the time.

Download Snap Camera HDR v3.2.3

Snap Camera Apk Cracked lets you take pictures and record video with a single click, no cluttered preview screen, just the two buttons you really need.
Snap Camera's interface is based on the camera included in Android 4.2 (jelly bean) on the Nexus 4 but with many extra features.
If you want to test this camera before buying, please install the trial version..
The trial version has all the features of the paid app but will only start in Airplane mode.
Snap Camera has a simple, powerful user interface featuring:
* Touch to focus
* Pinch to zoom
* Swipe to review
* Long press to adjust photo settings with the photo controller.
The photo controller includes settings for:
* Colour, Contrast and Sharpness (if supported by the hardware).
* Silent Shutter
* Burst Mode
* Self Timer
* Panorama mode
* Flash mode
* Whitebalance
* Exposure
* Grid lines
* Fast picture mode
* Additional Settings
The additional settings menu gives you access to:
* Picture and Video Size
* Scene mode
* Self Timer delay
* Burst Mode settings
* Time Lapse
* Still and Video Focus Modes
* JPEG Quality
* Effects
* Anti-banding
* Scene Detection
* Video Bitrate
* Audio Settings
The photo editor lets you:
* Add colour effects
* Add a border
* Crop, Rotate, Mirror
* Straighten
* Add image effects
* Histogram Modification
* Vignette
Additional Features
- You can see what effects will be applied and undo an effect at any time from the history menu
- Share an image with any other app such as Facebook or Google+ by clicking on the share icon
- Create panoramas by selecting the panorama icon (Android 4.0 and above)
- Fast picture mode instantly captures photos at the preview resolution.
- Capture still snapshots during video recording (if supported)
- Use the volume buttons to focus and take a picture
- Auto torch mode for low light video recording
- The interface can be changed for left-handed users
- Use the advanced video settings to record video in resolutions not allowed by other cameras. For example, this gives you 720p video recording on the Nexus 7.
Please contact us if you have any issues with Snap Camera (we can't reply to Android Market comments), we will give you a refund and later notify you once we've fixed the problem.
Snap works best on newer phones but will still run on older models.
Some features are only available on phones that support them.
Camera apps are notoriously difficult to make compatible with all hardware.
Please install and test the trial version first before you buy the paid app.
The trial version has all the features of the paid app but will only start in Airplane mode.
Please visit our website for tips and more details about the settings and features. The website also has a link to a discussion forum where you can ask questions and suggest new features.
This app will install 2 icons in your launcher, one for the Gallery and one for the Camera. Some launchers also put the Gallery icon on your home screen.
If video recording does't work on your device, try these suggestions:
Check out our great video to see Snap Camera in action.

What's in Free Snap Camera HDR Apk:
Improved HDR and new settings for HDR saturation and coarse contrast
Focus duration setting
Change shutter button positions slightly
New video stabilization setting (if supported)
New shutter animation (Android 4.0 and above)
Fix video recording on i9100
Fix crash on EVO3D with silent shutter
Fix face detection when camera orientation is changed

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jetAudio Plus Apk v3.0.1

Check out this Apk Full - jetAudio Plus v3.0.1 Android Apps
Requirements: Adroid 2.3.3+ unlocked mod
Overview: jetAudio Apk Download Cracked for Windows is the highest rated and most downloaded media player on CNET.COM and, now you can listen to same high-quality sound on your Android phone using jetAudio.

jetAudio Plus Apk v3.0.1
jetAudio Plus 3.0.1

jetAudio Free Android for Windows is the highest rated and most downloaded media player on CNET.COM and, now you can listen to same high-quality sound on your Android phone using jetAudio.It plays almost any type of digital music files you have (.wav, .mp3, .ogg, .flac, .m4a, .mpc, .tta, .wv, .ape, .mod, .spx, .wma* and more) and, it provides a very high quality sound with various effects and enhancements such as Wide, Reverb, X-Bass.
It comes with 32 equalizer presets that will provide a wide array of listening experience.
For those who would like to customize their own sound experience, it also allows 10/20 bands graphic equalizer and other advanced playback functions including playback speed control, crossfading, AGC and much more.
Basic version provides same features with Plus version except advertisements and some features.
To enjoy full features of jetAudio, please purchase Plus version.
* 20-bands graphic equalizer
* Display lyrics in tag (Unsynchronized lyrics)
* 2 lock screens
* 14 app widgets : 4x1 (#2), 4x2 (#3), 4x3 (#3), 4x4 (#3), 3x3, 2x2, 2x3
* Pitch shifter
* Last.fm (requires official Last.fm app)
* Precise playback speed control (50% ~ 200%)
* Light Gray/White theme for browser (Plus only)
* Grid mode for Artist/Song/Folder/Genre browser
* Adjust FF/REW interval
* Expanded notification bar (for JB)

* Can choose between List or 10 Grid modes for layout style
* X-Wide, Reverb, X-Bass sound effects
* AGC (automatic gain control) to avoid volume fluctuations between tracks
* Speed control from 50% to 200% (pitch adjusted)
* Crossfading, Gap-less playback
* Fade-in/Fade-out
* Browser and play music by artits, albums, songs, playlists, genres and folders
* Balance/Volume control
* Sleep timer up to 24 hours
* Flick up to post what you're listening to on Facebook/Twitter
* Flick down to show Now Playing
* Flick left/right to play next/previous
* Lock screens
* Repeat A<->B
* Headset button control
- press to pause/resume
- double/triple press to play next/prev
- long press to mute or TTS (time, title)
* Multi-select function (Delete/Add to playlist)
* Keep screen on, Lock orientation options
* Shake to play next/previous track
* Supporting formats:
MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC, M4A, MPC, TTA, WV, APE, MOD (module formats S3M, IT), SPX, AIFF
(WMA may not be supported on some devices. Please check your device specification for WMA support)
(X-Bass 3, X-Wide 3 is not supported under Android 4.0 (ICS))
(If you want to localize jetAudio for your language, please contact jetaudio@jetappfactory.com for more information)

What's in Free jetAudio Plus Apk:
Fixed crash in Genre browser

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Direct Link Mirror    

May 28, 2013

iPhone 5 iOS 6 Retina HD Pro Apk v1.0

Check out this newly released APk Fll - iPhone 5 iOS 6 Retina HD Pro 1.0 Free Andorid
Requirements: 1.6 and updated unlocked mod
Overview: iPhone 5 iOS 6 Retina HD Pro Apk Cracked is an iPhone Style launcher for Android.

iPhone 5 iOS 6 Retina HD Pro Apk v1.0

You can get the iPhone user experience in Android Phone! Major Features - Support iPhone iOS 6 UI Style
- Support all iPhone Launcher feature
- Support Same look and touch feeling with iPhone
- Support Search desktop: a convenient search applications, contacts, SMS, e-mail.
- Support for Themes to choose a different style desktop.
- Support iPhone Wallpaper Setting
- Support iPhone Icon Folder
- Support High Quality Icons
- Support restore default feature
- Support customize application icon & name;
- Support hide application icon;
- No difference between the icon rendering and arrangement and iPhone
- No Ads
- Support iOS7 iPhone Lock Screen with configuration function Major Operation Mode
- Long press icon to enter into the icon editing mode
- Under Edit mode you can drag the icon position
- Under Edit mode you can click on the icon in the upper-left corner of the "X" icon to quickly delete the shortcut or uninstall applications
- Under Edit mode you can click on the icon in the upper-right corner icon to hide and rename applications.
- Under Edit mode you can drag and overlap icon to create a folder
- Under Lock screen Long press Camera button to popup Call, Music, Browser,Message button. Click Call button will switch the Camera and Call.

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exDialer & Contacts Donate Apk v128

Check out this newly released Apk Full - exDialer & Contacts Donate v128
Requirements: Android v2.1+ unlocked updated patched
Overview: May be the best smart dialer in android market. Totally Free, NO AD, No network access.

exDialer & Contacts Donate Apk v128

☆Super easy-to-use
☆Fast and smooth
☆Extra light-weight
☆Smart T9 algorithm
☆30+ languages
☆Directly call/text to someone by swiping left/right
☆Various themes and plugins

This is a trial version with 7 days trial period. When the trial period expired, you will be asked to buy PRO version. You can still keep trying if you haven't decided to buy.

Help to translate to your language, please visit http://crowdin.net/project/dialer

▌Useful Skills
• Long press the contacts button(at left-bottom corner of dialer view) to quick access favorites
• Dial "#" key to perform phone number searching
• Dial "*" key to display strequent contacts list
• Swipe contact item left or right, to send SMS or make a call directly

• ConnectVibrate
Performs vibrate notification when outgoing call connected or call disconnected
• xMissedCall
Help exDialer to grant ability to clear missed call notifications
• Shortcut
Customize icons of exDialer by creating shortcuts
• Geocoder
Provides the location information of phone numbers

▌Known Issues
• Missed call notifications remained
> Try "xMissedCall Patch" or "xMissedCall Plugin" if your phone is rooted.

• Unable to select SIM card ID when make a call on phones with Dual SIM cards.
> Android SDK does not support Dual SIM cards. So, I have no way to solve this problem until Google release new SDK which supports Dual SIM cards.

English, Chinese, Polish, Greek, Chinese Traditional, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, German, French, Danish, Czech, Hebrew, Slovene, Persian, Bulgarian, Italian, Georgian, Turkish, Romanian, Hungarian, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Norwegian, Arabic, Latvian, Croatian, Slovak, Dutch, Korean, Serbian, Belarusian, Estonian f000h

Excellent MiUI rom http://www.miui.com
thinkpanda team
Translators on Crowdin http://crowdin.net/project/dialer
Piotrek Paszek --- Polish
dancer_69 --- Greek
Kayusumi --- Chinese Traditional
Filipe Garcia --- Portuguese
hopler --- Spanish
Илья Яковлев & Илья и Ася --- Russian
TweetyPeety --- German
scrpn30 --- French
Neo3000x --- Danish
crking --- Czech
0ftal --- Hebrew
gepardus --- Slovene
Alireza Afkar --- Persian
Стоян Иванов --- Bulgarian
stegg, Alex --- Italian
giorgi-alonso --- Georgian
Özgürce --- Turkish
Turdo D. --- Romanian
Indiant --- Hungarian
alienyd --- Vietnamese
distan7 --- Indonesian
MariusOX --- Norwegian
machhho --- Arabic
janni_mz --- Latvian
Mihovil Stanic --- Croatian
pRo_lama --- Slovak
Planet X --- Dutch
dusttea, Sang Gu Bach --- Korean
Marko Kostic --- Serbian
Ivan Katlianik --- Belarusian
iff2 --- Estonian
Ігор Омельчук --- Ukrainian
All guys in XDA forum who give me great suggestions

Keywords: phone,dialer,dial,contacts,contact,theme,smart dialer,T9,pinyin,miui,quick dial,speed dial

What's in Free exDialer & Contacts Donate Apk:
More efficient T9 algorithm for eastern and western users
Completely new "Display Options" setting page
Fix: problem of invisible dialpad on Samsung phones
Highlighted matched words in searching contacts

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WhatsApp+ Apk v3.58D

Check out this newly build Apk Full App - WhatsApp+ v3.58D Download Android
Requirements: Android OS 2.1 +
Overview: What is WhatsApp+? Basically it is a customizable WhatsApp where you can change lots of colours, sizes, and many other visual MODs In addition you can increase upload media limit (stock limit is 16Mb) to send large music files or videos.

WhatsApp+ Apk v3.58D

You can increase quality of pictures sent (by default resolution is decreased quite a lot) You can share music just with one click You can add contact profile pictures to their chats You can hide contact profile pictures and show phonebook pictures (in chat screen) Built-in theme viewer and downloader. Check WhatsApp+ users themes online and apply theme if you like And more to come Remember to previously uninstall whatsapp if you come from the official version (if not you will get the "not installed" error)

What's new: Free WhatsApp+ Apk Cracked
*New MOD 4.12 Send Button Color in Popup Screen
*Added Arabic Language
*FCs when checking for updates and when downloading themes solved
*Other Minor bugs solved

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Next Browser Apk v1.0 Build 202 Final

Check out this newly released Apk Full - Next Browser v1.0 Build 202 Final
Requirements: Android v2.2+ unlocked mod version for Android tablets
Overview: Next Browser Free Apk Cracked Apps provides you fast and smooth web surfing experience. It's a totally free app.

Next Browser Apk v1.0 Build 202 Final

Download for free and try it now, and you will love it.
Next Browser Apk Build 202 Final
New Features:
1. Custom Speed Dial : clean, fast and beautiful!
2. Tabs Browsing : fast and cool!
3. Easy Search : get anything you want!
4. Next Voice : make it more fun!!
5. Next View : explore the world with you!
6. Browser Extensions : different functions of plug-ins
7. Sync your bookmarks : to different mobile devices
You may be using Chrome or Firefox on your PC. However, Next Browser is a great choice for your Android devices. Download for free and try it now, and you will love it.

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Tweetings for Twitter Apk v3.0.4.2

A new way to approach interactions with Tweetings for Twitter
Requirements: 2.3 and updated unlocked mod
Overview: Tweetings Apk Full Crack is a powerful Twitter Client for Android devices.

Tweetings for Twitter Apk v3.0.4.2

Tweetings Android Download is a powerful Twitter Client for Android devices.
- Large screen support with panes
- Supports posting to TwitLonger and inline expansion
- Uploading pic.twitter.com images as well as Img.ly, TwitPic and yFrog
- Customize, edit, apply filters to photos
- TweetMarker & Tweetings Cloud Timeline Sync support
- Stream Tweets over WiFi... let the tweets flow, no need to refresh your main timelines again
- Manage multiple accounts
- Google Cloud push notifications for mentions, dms, when you get a new follower, when you are retweeted, etc
- Inline image previews
- Saved Searches
- Local Trends
- Translate tweets
- Shorten links with a variety of providers
- List support
- Mute twitter users, words or applications
- View conversations
- Delete your own tweets and Direct Messages
- Change timeline text size
- Enable or disable retweets on a user by user basis
- Pull to refresh
- Picture preview
- Geotagging
- Compose username autocomplete
This is just the beginning, we plan to add many more features.
Tweetings is based on the open source project Twidere, more information here http://tweetings.net/android/source/

What's in Free Tweetings for Twitter Apk:
+ Improved accessibility
- Bug fixes

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Record My Call Apk v5.04.985

The best way to Record My Call 5.04.985 Download Android
Requirements: Android 2.1 and updated iOs
Overview: Please be kind and do not give 1 star if the app does not work on your phone.

Record My Call Apk v5.04.985

Currently the app does not work on some phones. Please go to my website for phone compatibility (http://nathanielkh.blogspot.com/2012...ty-phones.html) before install it. You can also download the apk from the same website if Android Market does not provide the link.

Use speaker to get a better record quality during call.

This application has a basic purpose to record all your call (incoming and outgoing). Please be noticed that due to limitation of Android phone (hardware and software), this program only can record from microphone. Please turn on the loudspeaker during conversation to get clear voice from the other side. All conversations are recorded under file “RecordMyCall” file in memory card.

Features: Free Record My Call Apk
-Record incoming and outgoing call from microphone.
-All files are saved in memory card.

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May 27, 2013

Kingdom Rush Apk v1.9.3

A new updated APK Download - Kingdom Rush 1.9.3 Free Android
Requirements: 4.0+ Patched for tablets and phones
Overview: The acclaimed action fantasy defense game Kingdom Rush Apk v1.9.3 cracked is now available on Android for Phones and Tablets!

Kingdom Rush Apk v1.9.3

Get ready for an epic journey to defend your kingdom against hordes of orcs, trolls, evil wizards and other nasty fiends using a vast arsenal of towers and spells at your command!

Fight on forests, mountains and wastelands, customizing your defensive strategy with different tower upgrades and specializations! Rain fire upon your enemies, summon reinforcements, command your troops, recruit elven warriors and face legendary monsters on a quest to save the Kingdom from the forces of darkness!


★ Epic defense battles that will hook you for hours!

★ Command your soldiers and see them engage in hand to hand cartoon battles!

★ 8 specialized tower upgrades to customize your strategy! Mighty Barbarians, Arcane Wizards, Forest Rangers to name a few.

★ Over 18 tower abilities! Have your Sorcerers summon earth elementals and polymorph your enemies!

★ Over 50 different enemies, from Goblins to Demons each with their own skills! (Beware of the mountain Trolls!)

★ 9 Heroes: Choose your champion to lead your troops to victory!

★ Intense fights never seen on a defense game!

★ Hours of gameplay with over 60 achievements

★ Extra game modes that will challenge your tactical skills to the limit.

★ High definition awesome illustrated cartoon art!

★ In-game encyclopedia with information from your towers and enemies.

★ Optimized for Android Phones and Tablets!

What's in Free Kingdom Rush Apk Unlocked :
Kingdom Rush is back and better than ever in version 1.9.3:
★ Fixed crash on level 10 with Elora Wintersong!
★ Added lights-out mode while playing levels!
★ Game achievement toasts now display if player is not logged in to G+!
★ Fixed incorrect IAP prices!
★ Fixed freeze issue when suspending and resuming on the loading screen!
Thank you for all of the feedback and we hope you enjoy the game!

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Dark Avenger Apk v1.0.5 Mod (Free Shopping)

Check out this newly released Apk Full - Dark Avenger 1.0.5 Mod (Free Shopping)
Requirements:2.3+ unlocked updated mod patched
Overview: Enter the dungeon and hack-n-slash your way towards immortality! The highly anticipated dungeon crawler arrives on mobile!

Dark Avenger Apk v1.0.5 Mod (Free Shopping)

Evil has awoken from its slumber. Our heroes must rise and send the forces of darkness back to the depths of hell. Choose from three heroic classes: Templar, Archer, or Mage. Equipped with enhanced, intuitive controls, you will experience the game like never before! Explore hellish dungeons and collect powerful, legendary treasures in your route to ridding the world of evil. Participate in the Tower of Eternity and solidify your rank as the mightiest. Featuring real-time PvP, you can battle friends and foes around the globe!

> Dark Action RPG
> Smooth, Intuitive Controls
> Real-time Global PvP
> 3 Heroic Classes: Templar, Archer, or Mage
> Legendary Sets and Equipment
> Infinite Dungeon

What's in this version:
- Fixed save data management
- Fixed Boss Raid bugs
- Fixed minor bugs

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franco.Kernel updater Apk v9.5.2

Check out this newly released Apk Full - franco.Kernel updater 9.5.2 Android Apps
Requirements: 4.0+ unlocked updated patched for tablets
Overview: A well established top-100 paid app with one of the highest ratings in the Play Store!

franco.Kernel updater Apk v9.5.2
Download franco.Kernel updater Android v9.5.2

With a powerful and beautiful UI it combines a series of powerful tools to manage your device with franco.Kernel. Basic functionalities such as Backup & Restore or CPU frequencies will work independently of the Kernel for the supported devices.

It's localized to: Vietnamese, German (Germany), Dutch (Netherlands), Polish (Poland), Chinese (China), Portuguese (Brazil), French (France), Turkish (Turkey), Spanish (Spain), Italian (Italy), Hungarian (Hungary), Russian (Russia), Czech (Czech Republic).
If you desire to help out visit this Crowdin link: https://crowdin.net/project/francokernel_updater . This service costs me $18,5 a month because I believe its very helpful for the app users to have the application translated into their languages.
Thanks for all the contributions!
Take note that your device needs to be ROOTED. I don't accept refunds if you fail to read this warning.
This application supports the following devices:
* Galaxy Nexus - 4.0.3, 4.0.4, 4.1, 4.1.1, 4.1.2, 4.2, 4.2.1, 4.2.2
* Asus Google Nexus 7 - 4.2, 4.2.1, 4.2.2
* LG Nexus 4 - 4.2, 4.2.1, 4.2.2
* Samsung Nexus 10 - 4.2, 4.2.1, 4.2.2
Common functionalities available in all devices:
* Deep integration with franco.Kernel
* Check for new franco.Kernel versions
* Auto flash Kernels directly into the device without any user input besides requiring a reboot
* Download .zips to be flashed in recovery
* 4 different themes based on Google's UI guidelines: StockHolo, DarkHolo, BlueHolo and GreenHolo (check screenshots)
* Interface to change CPU clocks and governor
* Interface to change the CPU governor parameters
* Backup & Restore Kernels on the fly without any "geek" knowledge
* Custom Kernel settings such as: IO scheduler, IO scheduler tuning, TCP congestion algorithm and options to turn logging off
* Power Modes where anybody can create special profiles for certain ocasions
* A System Monitor with a beautiful UI courtesy of the developer Christian Göllner
Special functionalities depending on the device in question:
Galaxy Nexus:
* Checks and downloads Imoseyon's kernel
* Voltage control interface
* Color Control - You're able to change Gamma values and Color Multipliers to achieve the best color reproduction
* Color Profiles interface - create your own presets and load them up when you want
* Wi-fi special mode to boost signal during streaming while on screen off
* More Kernel settings: fsync on/off, USB Fast Charge, BLX, Thermal Throttling tuning
* Sound Control: hear music louder and with better quality
Nexus 7
* Interface to change GPU clock
* Full control over the CPU cores behavior
* Voltage control
* Wi-fi special mode to boost signal during streaming while on screen off
* Enable/disable Tegra Screen Dimmer

Nexus 4:
* Color control which includes: interface to change the RGB multipliers and full Gamma interface to tweak greys, blacks, mids, whites, contrast, saturation and brightness
* Color Profiles interface - create your own presets and load them up when you want
* Full control over the CPU cores behavior
* Improve sound quality by reducing/increasing headphones and headset gains
* Option to tune the Haptic Feedback strength
* USB Fast Charge
Banner and icon courtesy of Lab75
I take no responsibility for any fault or damage caused by any procedures of the app. No warranties of any kind are given.

What's in Free franco.Kernel updater Apk : (Updated : May 25, 2013)
Try to fix weird chars
Power presets: Fix old code and add 4 presets for the Nexus 4
Add set on boot for IO scheduler tunables
Add options for the Nexus 4: max GPU frequency, fourth_level and cores_on_touch for the Hotplug Control section
Add dynamic_scaling option for interactive (if your Kernel has that interface though)
Improve the Update Service code in hope of reducing server load on peak usage times
Implement HTTP caching
Serious improvements in functions that fetch info from the server

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Tapatalk - Community Reader Apk v4.0.5 Beta

Check out this newlyre Tapatalk - Community Reader v4.0.5 Beta
Requirements: 4.0 and updated unlocked patched modded
Overview: The only and the best fully functional forum app in the Market, endorsed by over 35,000 of forums worldwide. 4.5/5 stars reviewed by ten thousands of power fellows. Why not give it a try?

Tapatalk - Community Reader Android v4.0.5 Beta

Online Communities at Your Fingertips

If you have ever tried to visit a forum using an Internet browser on your Android device you know what a nightmare it can be. The multitude of layouts you will encounter can have you scrolling, pinching, zooming, and swiping until your fingers are numb. Enter the Tapatalk Forum App.

Tapatalk Apk Free Download houses over 35,000 of the most popular public forums right inside the app. From online games to technology, animals to extreme couponing, there is a forum out there to suit your interests. Browse the 13 categories or search for a particular forum in Tapatalk's easy-to-use interface. You can find anything and everything with this app.

Once you have found the forums you want to read it is easy to add them to your favorites for quicker access. Then you simply log in to the app and read your private messages or reply to current topics. You can also easily start a thread about something that piques your interest. You can also mark the topics you care about on your forums.

Tapatalk Android Download contains all the features and capabilities found in your favorite browser but in a simple, straight-forward delivery. Easily see who is online, view board statistics, and even user profiles all without waiting for your phone's browser to connect to the Internet. Give it a try today.

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Direct Link Mirror    

Android Tuner Apk v0.9.6

Check out this newly released Apk Full - Android Tuner 0.9.6 Android Apps
Requirements: 2.2 and updated unlocked modded patched for tablets
Overview: The most complete app for monitoring and controlling your Android devices!

Android Tuner Apk v0.9.6
Download Android Tuner Android Apps


*** http://www.3c71.com/android/?q=node/932 ***

Following popular requests, this is the merging of Battery Monitor Widget, System Tuner and Multi Toggle Widget apps.

Best on rooted phones, works well on stock phones too.

Unique features not available elsewhere (requires root):
- Clean reboot
- Turn on/off APN, BT discovery, GPS & WiFi Localization
- Automatic backup of installed apps
- Logcat reader for Android JellyBean 4.1.x
- Graphical monitoring widgets
- milli-amp consumption reporting

About the huge amount of permissions requested: http://www.3c71.com/android/?q=node/924

Full feature set (some require root access):
- File explorer (root, sd, network share, streaming)
- Application backups (auto, multiple version)
- Startup application manager*
- Application event control*
- System app uninstaller*
- System update cleaner*
- Monitoring (battery, cpu, network, memory)
- Logcat**, kernel message reader*
- App statistics since unplugged
- Task manager
- Auto-task killer
- Terminal emulator
- CPU tweaks (governor, frequency, voltages) relying on Kernel support*
- SD tweaks (cache size, scheduler)*
- Sysctl editor*
- Build.prop editor*
- Many notifications icons can be installed
- 1x1 and 2x1 text widgets
- 2x1, 3x1, 4x1, 4x2, 5x1 and 5x2 graphic widgets
- 1x1 and 4x1 toggle widgets***
- App optimizer (zipalign and database cleaner)
- Battery saver (cpu, switch off wifi, bt...)***
and much more...

* Requires root access
** Requires root access on Android 4.1 and above
*** Requires root for full feature

What's in Free Android Tuner Apk: (Updated : May 25, 2013)
Gamma controls on supported kernels (Nexus 4 tested)
Notification progress when relinking apps on boot
msm-thermal and msm-mp-decision controls
Merge load/presets in sysctl editor
Add /cache to partition trim list
Polish and Dutch translations
2 network notification packs

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Smart Remote for Galaxy S4 Apk v1.1.8

Check out this newly released Apk Full - Smart Remote for Galaxy S4 v1.1.8 Android Apps
Requirements: 4.1 and updated unlocked modded patched for phones and tablets
Overview: You can now use your phone as an Infrared Remote (IR Remote)

Smart Remote for Galaxy S4 Apk v1.1.8
Download Smart Remote for Galaxy S4 v1.1.8

Why should you need to use more than one remote for all the devices you own ?

With Smart Remote for your Samsung Galaxy S4, you can add, create and customize any number of remotes, combining controls from any of your existing remotes. Imagine a single remote on which the CHANNEL UP button controls your Set Top Box from your TV provider, the VOLUME keys control your home theater system and the arrow keys control your TV's menu.

On top of all that, since you're holding a phone, why not use some of it's unique features?

AIR GESTURES - exclusive to your phone!
Simply leave the app open, and wave your hand above your phone to change channels (left to right) or volume (up and down)

Don't you hate it when you receive a call but can't hear the other person because the TV is too loud? Now, Smart Remote can automatically mute your current device when someone calls you.

Smart Remote will automatically turn down your volume when there are sudden high-volume sounds (think movie explosions), or it will turn up your volume when the sounds are too low to hear (think actors' voices not being loud enough)

With infrared - IR Blaster - already included in your phone, why shouldn't you make the most of it? Smart Remote can control your TV, Set Top Box, Lights, Projectors, etc.. Virtually anything that has an Infrared Receiver can be controlled by Smart Remote with the correct remote codes. And we're working 24/7 on adding more! Actually, we're working on adding DSLR camera support right now!

# Please note that due to Galaxy S4 hardware limitation, automatic learning isn't possible

What's in Free Smart Remote for Galaxy S4 Apk:
- Added ability to keep pressing a button on the main remote screen
- maintenance and fixes

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APK + SD Install