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July 17, 2013

Blood Run Apk v1.7

Blood Run v1.7
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Blood Run is not only different, but in many ways better than most other endless runners currently available in the Store

Blood Run Apk v1.7

One against 30000, how many can you kill before you die?
★Featured as New and Noteworthy in Korea!★
★Free version is top 1 free games download in Russia!★

"Well designed infinite scrolling platform battle. Moves are simple to learn and the tutorial is one of the best out there. Great animations, awesome graphics, and atmospheric soundtrack contribute to a phenomenal overall gaming experience."

"Great slashing! Nice controls, stylish graphics and music to match."

You are a skillful Blade Master.
Your task is to paint the path with blood.

Fight against horde of swords men!
Dodge Spear men's attack and Slash them into half!
Break the Shield Master's defense!
Deflect Flying Daggers!
Charge up Super attack and send Giants to their graves!
Dodge Rain of Arrows!

Endless mode: infinite run, random enemies, fight your own epic battle!
Cool animations: your warrior performs awesome martial art/kungfu actions!
Challenging stages: this is a challenging side scrolling battle game that is easy to learn but hard to master!

What's New
version 1.7
support Chinese language
support Nook HD
version 1.3
*Added 1 New Endless Run
*Major improvement on Training Camp
*Added Barbarian to reduce abuse of defend
*Adjustment to Super Attacks
*Added two attack animation(jumping off from cliff)
*Improve on background, added terrain for the new Endless Run
*Fixed bug unable to defend after hit by dagger

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