Apk Free Download: March 2013

March 31, 2013

SoundCloud Apk v2.5.2

APK FULL - SoundCloud 2.5.2 Android App

SoundCloud Apk v2.5.2

Hear fresh tracks from the world's largest community of musicians, bands, producers and audio creators of all types. Play great free music straight from the cloud.SoundCloud Apk Full Cracked is the world’s leading social sound platform, with over ten hours of music & audio posted every minute. Tap into a world of fresh new audio; find great music, comedy, news and more. With the SoundCloud Download Full app for Android, you can hear anything, wherever you are. All of the great music & audio on SoundCloud unlocked is free to listen to, with no ads and no monthly payment plan required.

Key features:
SoundCloud Apk Hack Android
✓ Search and discover new music & audio
✓ Discover and follow diverse music & audio creators
✓ Listen to sets (collections of tracks), or create your own and share them with your followers
✓ Listen to a stream of new tracks wherever you are; streaming audio playback over WiFi or cellular data connection
✓ Record your own sounds with one touch and share to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr
✓ Includes optional Record Widget for the homescreen
✓ Lockscreen playback supported (play, pause and skip tracks without unlocking the screen)

What's new in Free SoundCloud Apk:
✓ Sets are here! Sets (collections of tracks) appear in your stream when posted by others. Listen to sets posted by others, or create and share your own
✓ Add tracks to sets: build collections of your favourite music & audio
✓ Search for sets: new filter in the search tab lets you search specifically for sets
v 2.5.2
- Added extra URI handling
- Fixed Search loading bugs
- General stability fixes

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AndroZip File Manager Apk v4.5.4

APK FULL - AndroZip File Manager Apk v4.5.4 Android App

AndroZip File Manager Apk v4.5.4

#1 ZIP application and first Android archiver is with you since beginning of 2009. AndroZip File Manager Apk full cracked helps you copy, delete, move, unzip/unpack, compress, encrypted ZIP supported, search, and organize your files, music, pictures, and folders just like you would do on your PC. Frequently updated with new and useful features. Optimized for tablets.With over 11 million downloads and its support of ZIP, encrypted ZIP, RAR, TAR, GZIP and BZIP2. AndroZip File Manager Apk Android app is definitive leader among similar applications on the market.
Full support for decompression of encrypted ZIP files (Standard, AES-128 and AES 256 bit) compatible with WinRaR and other PC archivers as well as compression of encrypted ZIP files. AndroZip supports Standard ZIP file encryption compatible with WinRaR and other PC archivers (AES 128 and AES 256 bit encryption available in paid version)
Besides the archive functionality it also lets you send files, e.g. via email.
Optimized specifically for both, phone and tablet displays. Due to many added features like drag and drop functionality, AndroZip File Manager unlimited is preferred among tablet users.
Use it also to back up your applications and install new application APK on your phone, and manage phone memory and resources via task manager.
Installs to SD card.

What's new in Free AndroZip File Manager Apk unlocked mod:
- Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 fix

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My Boy! - GBA Emulator Apk v1.3.2

Check this new released My Boy! - GBA Emulator Apk v1.3.2 Android App
Requirements: 1.6 and updated iOS
Overview: My Boy! Apk full cracked is a super fast emulator to run GameBoy Advance games on the broadest range of Android devices, from very low-end phones to modern tablets. It does more than just emulating the full system. Thanks to the save state system, you can save progress at any time and return back to it instantly. And while enabling fast-forward in game, you can quickly skip the long boring intros/dialogs in RPGs.

My Boy! - GBA Emulator Apk v1.3.2

• Fastest emulation. Easily get to 60 FPS without frame skips on medium-end devices.
• Excellent game compatibility. Run 90%~95% of games without a problem.
• Fast and complete video emulation (alpha blending, fading, mosaic, etc)
• High-level BIOS emulation. No BIOS file needed.
• IPS ROM patching
• OpenGL rendering backend, as well as normal rendering on devices without a GPU.
• Fast-forward to skip long stories, as well as slow down games to get past a level you cannot in normal speed.
• Save games at any time with screenshot
• Configurable on-screen keypad (multi-touch requires Android 2.0 or later)
• External controllers support, through either the Android native way or input method.
• Well-designed user interface. Seamlessly integrated with the latest Android.
• Create and switch to different key mapping profiles.
• Create shortcuts to easily launch your favorite games from your desktop.
No games are included with this app and you need to obtain yours in a legal way. Place them onto your SD card, and browse to them from within the app.
LEGAL: This product is not affiliated with, nor authorized, endorsed or licensed in any way by Nintendo Corporation, its affiliates or subsidiaries.
*** Unlike many others, we are the actual core developers. Your reported bugs will most likely get fixed very soon!

What's new in Free My Boy! - GBA Emulator Apk Hack Android:
• Solar sensor emulation for certain games. You adjust sun level either by using the key "L+left/right", or through Android's light sensor hardware!
• Fixed timing for a certain game.

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Direct App Market Apk v6.5

APK FULL - Direct App Market Apk v6.5 Android App
Requirements: Android 1.5+ updated iOS
Overview: Free download paid app with direct link

Direct App Market Apk v6.5

1 click for download android app for free with direct link, no more waiting!!
only few apps at the moment but app will be added everyday

Feature: Direct App Market Apk Hack Android
- Paid / Cracked App
- Not require registration and login
- 1 Click Direct Download
- 1 app contain many apps
- Daily updates

What's new in Free Direct App Market Apk Unlocked: v6.5
- fix datacloud.to links that always broken before
- Added more paid cracked apps

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Logo Me Apk v1.14

Check out this newly released Logo Me Apk v1.14 Android Apps
Requirements: Android 4.0+ updated iOS
Overview: APERTURE LABORATORIES proudly presents Logo Me.
With the Logo Me Apk Free Download application you can conveniently change your device's bootlogo (not bootanimation) to a custom image with just a few simple clicks.

Logo Me Apk v1.14

You can secure your custom logo with a numeric lock code (up to 9 digits). Changing or restoring the logo will only be possible after the lock code has been entered. This will allow you to tag your device by including your name and contact info on your custom bootlogo. In case your device gets stolen the thief will be having a hard time selling it. Also if you lose your device the finder will know how to contact you.

This application onlys work with the Galaxy Nexus GSM (maguro), Verizon (toro) and Sprint (toroplus).

**** IMPORTANT ****
Some custom ROMs come with a broken version of su and/or busybox. If you experience any problems with the app, before reporting the issue first try to fix it by installing Stericson's busybox (https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... on.busybox) and SuperSU (https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... re.supersu) and then updating the su binary in the SuperSU app.

The app uses the build properties to identify the device. If you mess with the properties the device detection will fail and the app will return the error that your device is not compatible.

Use this application at your own risk. The author is not responsible for any damage resulting from the use of this app.

You can also get this app on Android Pit which accepts Paypal and other payment options: http://www.androidpit.com/en/android/ma ... me/Logo-Me

What's new in Free Logo Me Apk Hack Android:
* Apparently the bootloaders for the GSM/Verizon model also work on the Sprint model and vice versa. So support for all known bootloaders has been added for all hardware models of the Galaxy Nexus.

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WeatherLand - City Apk v1.6

Check this newly released WeatherLand - City v1.6 Android Apps
Requirements: 2.3 and updated iOS version
Overview: WeatherLand - City Apk v1.6 full cracked , is the first live wallpaper of WeatherLand series that implement live weather service.

WeatherLand - City Apk v1.6

With the advantage of 70.000 meteorological stations world wide , and more than 56 3-hours forecasts for a whole week, we can say that WeatherLand - city live wallpaper is one of the best live weather applications for Android.
Simple , usefull, and with beautiful design.
Just tap the info sign and you already have 4 forecasts for the next 12 hours inside this live wallpaper. You want more? Just tap weather data and you have a full list with 3-hours forecasts for the next week.
You can also disable live weather service, and use it as a simple live wallpaper.
Fully customizable in both ways.

What's new in free WeatherLand - City Apk Hack Android:
Version 7 (1.6) - Fixed service crash on empty user locations
What's new in V. 5 (1.4)
-- Weather service optimization less than half time to get forecasts.
-- Use of custom locations added. Now you can add as many locations you want!

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Nexus 4 Dot Live Wallpaper Apk v1.0.6

Check out this newly release Nexus 4 Dot Live Wallpaper v1.0.6 Android App
Requirements: 2.1 and updated iOS
Overview: Nexus 4 Dot Live Wallpaper Apk v1.0.6 full download is inspired by new Nexus 4 back glass cover with abstract dots.

Nexus 4 Dot Live Wallpaper Apk v1.0.6

To use: Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers

To develop more free great live wallpapers, we have implemented some ads in settings.
Advertisement can support our develop more free great live wallpapers.

This live wallpaper has been tested on latest devices such as Samsung Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Nexus. Please contact us if your device is not supported.

Note: If your wallpaper resets to default after reboot, you will need put the app on phone instead of SD card.

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NBA 3D Live Wallpaper Apk v2.2

Check this newly release NBA 3D Live Wallpaper v2.2 Android App
Requirements: 2.2 and updated iOS
Overview: This official NBA 3D Live Wallpaper Apk v2.2 cracked app for your Android device lets you tap and shoot a basketball directly from your home screen!

NBA 3D Live Wallpaper Apk v2.2

Equipped with updated official logos, animated fans in team colors and a cool interactive basketball that is customizable with 5 different looks…

New for this season is an animated ticker in the arena that displays up-to-date news and Twitter feeds on the NBA and your team of choice, as well as a clock widget “jumbotron” that displays real time scores, game schedules and weather!

For multiple basketball action in a top down environment, you can employ “Classic Mode” to go back to last year’s hit NBA 3D Live Wallpaper Apk unlocked mod style.

Now more than ever, this dazzling collection of live wallpapers allows you to stay connected to your NBA team of choice regardless of whether you’re at home on the couch or on the court shooting nothing but net!

*Free to download and comes with one free NBA themed live wallpaper
*Clock widget and ticker that displays up-to-date news, weather, team scores, and Twitter feeds.
*Choose from 5 different basketball styles
*The ability to “shoot baskets” right on your home screen (with sounds)
*Animated fans in team colors
*SMS and Email notification in ticker
*Day and Night detection with in arena lighting.
*Classic Mode for a top-down court display
*Made with official release software to ensure quality and performance
*Officially licensed release from the NBA

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PerfectShot Apk v1.2.2

Check this newly released PerfectShot 1.2.2 Android App
Requirements: 2.2+ updated iOS full version
Overview: PerfectShot Apk v1.2.2 full cracked is a camera application that focus on features that help you improve your photos BEFORE they are taken rather than after. Because you know even the best photoshoping techniques can't save a blurry or wrongly exposured picture.

PerfectShot Apk v1.2.2

By providing you the most advanced assistances, PerfectShot APK Unlocked helps you eliminate chances of imperfect shots and improve your efficiency so you are able to take better shots and have better chance of capturing precious moments.
The main features include:
* Full auto mode that detect vibration of phone and automatically choose the perfect moment to take the picture. All you need to do is to compose and then hold your phone still. This removed the need of touching the screen button when you take a picture which increased the chance of camera shake, and released you from using both hands. So enjoy blur-free shots and single hand operation! There are also other modes like manual and timer for your convenience.
* Best virtual horizon assistance in the market! In addition to horizon line, it also gives you 3D guide lines that tells you roll and pitch positioning of your phone. Say goodbye to tilted photos!
* AR assisted focus & metering area selection! The area you select stays the object and update itself after you re-compose the picture! (Works on supported ICS devices only because not all phones support focus and metering selection)
* Extreme optimisation provide fast startup time that is on par with the ICS native camera app, as well as a minimum footprint. So you will be ready to shoot faster. It is also seamlessly integrated into Android system that you can set it to take over system camera and start it from lock screen. You can also access photos taken by PerfectShot in the system gallery and share them whatever way you want.
* Innovative UI design that helps you change your setting fast and accurately.
* One touch focus & metering area selection.

What's new in Free PerfectShot Apk Hack Android:
Improve layout on devices without system bar, such as HTC ONE X, XL, Samsung Galaxy S3, Note II to make max use of screen space.
Now support devices without gyroscope as well.

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March 30, 2013

TV Portal - Stream TV & Movies Full Apk 1.0.13

APK FULL - TV Portal - Stream TV & Movies Full Apk 1.0.13 Free Download Amazon
Requirements: 2.2 and updated iOS
Overview: TV Portal Apk Cracked allows you to watch free TV Shows and free Movies on your Android device.

TV Portal - Stream TV & Movies Full Apk 1.0.13

TV Portal Apk Hack Android gives you easy access to 1000’s of free TV Shows and free Movies on your Android device. Within seconds of downloading, you will be able to watch free TV streams and free Movies. It’s that simple.

TV Portal Unlocked allows you to watch TV Show streams for free, unlimited for 2 days. After that, you will only be able to watch 2 free TV streams every 6 hours. There will never be a limit on watching free movies. Upgrading TV Portal will remove both the limit on TV streams as well as those pesky ads.

Upgrading TV Portal only costs $2.99. Upgrading is a one time fee. Keep in mind that some free media players are ad supported during pause in their free version. That is something beyond our control. Please consider upgrading your video player of choice to remove ads and to contribute to their development teams. Those developers work very hard on their video players, and they deserve great support.

We are going to begin working on a complete overhaul of TV Portal soon, and it will include many more sources, a completely redesigned Holo theme, a rating system for streams, new ways to sort TV Show streams and Movies, and much more.

We will be focusing on improving our selection of free Movies, adding more free TV shows and more sources for existing TV shows, more anime, more cartoons, and eventually different languages. In the future, TV Portal will be the most comprehensive list of free sources of TV Shows and Movies on the Internet. With the new improvements to our UI and functionality, we are hoping it will be the easiest to use, as well.

Recommended video players on mobile:
BSPlayer (free)
MX Player (free)

Recommended video players on Google TV:
aVia Media Player (free)
ES Media Player (free)
ViMu ($2.99)

What's new in Free TV Portal - Stream TV & Movies Full Apk:
Amazon leased app ;-)

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Clean Master (Cleaner) Apk v3.2.0.190

APK FULL - Download Clean Master (Cleaner) Android App
Requirements: Android 1.6+ updated iOS
Overview: Clean Master Apk Full Cracked is a Must Have cleaner app for android users. It provides comprehensive cleaning methods to clean cache, unused files, privacy history and app packages on android phones. It also kills running tasks and releases RAM to boost your phone and save battery life.

Clean Master (Cleaner) Apk v3.2.0.190

What is Clean Master?
Clean Master Apk hack unlocked mod is a Must Have cleaner app for android users. It provides comprehensive cleaning methods to clean cache, unused files, privacy history and app packages on android phones. It also kills running tasks and releases RAM to boost your phone and save battery life.

Why choose Clean Master?
Clean Master is easy and effective. After a comprehensive cleaning, MBs even GBs space will be released for your phone. No superuser permission required.

[What is Application Cache Files]
Application Cache Files are the temporary files created by applications. For example, while you're using browser, it saves the images as cache files. It's the same for other application and all you need is a rated cache cleaner. Using Clean Master to clear cache files regularly will save phone space and speed up application reaction.

[What is Unused Files]
After installing an app from market, it's sometimes required to download extra data. However, when you uninstall that app, the data is still there, which makes your available space smaller and smaller. For example, almost all the games from Gameloft require a huge extra data, from 200M to 1GB. But the data would be there even the game uninstalled. Clean Master will save GBs for your phone, after cleaning these unused files.

[What is Privacy History]
Privacy History is including the history of web browser, Google Play store, Google Maps, Gmail and clipboard. If you don't want others to know what you were doing, and searching around, Clean Master is definitely the one you need to protect your privacy.

[What is App Packages]
App Packages are the .apk files used to install apps. When you download and install apps from markets, updating them on phone, the app packages are becoming more and more, eating the huge space of your phone. However, you should no longer worry about this issue, because Clean Master can find all the app packages on your phone, and clean them for you by an easy tap.

[What is Task Killer]
The tasks running on background not only occupy system RAM, but also waste your battery life. The new Task Killer arrived on Clean Master. It

can kill the unwanted tasks and release more RAM to speed up your android phone. An excellent shortcut is also provided to make the work cannot be easier. Root permission is not necessary, but if Task Killer granted root permission, it will perform better.

PS: The important system tasks have been whitelisted already, if you notice any problems while using Task Killer, please contact us.

Key Features:

Clean cache Files
Clean unused files
Clean privacy history
Manage and clean app packages
Remind unused files when app installed
Kill running tasks/release RAM

What's new in Free Clean Master (Cleaner) Apk Droid App:
1.Support language change in Settings.
2.You can add items to Ignore List via long press, and remove them from Settings.
3.New App2SD is added in Uninstaller.
4.Backup button is moved to app details, pop up via a single tap.
5.Support long press to view items in existing file explorer.
6.Support cleaning 100 more popular apps.
7.Other bug fixes.

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Premium Toggle Widgets Apk v1.0.4

APK FULL - Download Premium Toggle Widgets 1.0.4 Android App
Requirements: 1.6 and updated iOS
Overview: This package of toggle widgets is a combination and expansion of my previous toggle widgets which have all gotten positive reviews.

Premium Toggle Widgets Apk v1.0.4

This package includes all my previous widgets in one easy download, AND includes 3 new widgets:
Bluetooth Widget
Cell Data Widget
GPS Widget (links to Location settings but shows status - Android security limitation )
*Android 4.2 does not allow changing airplane mode directly any longer. I will look into changing this with root.
This pack helps to support the developer, and also includes an application to show novices how to add widgets and provides contact information for support.

What's new in Free Premium Toggle Widgets Apk Unlocked:
1.0.3: Support Android 4.2 fully - fixed multiple widgets
1.0.2: Cleanup wifi widget look.
1.0.1: Support Android Jellybean 4.2
1.0.0: Initial Release

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Smart Tools Apk v1.5.6

APK FULL - Download Smart Tools 1.5.6 Free for Android
Requirements: 2.2 and updated iOS
Overview: Smart Tools Apk v1.5.6 full cracked is a complete package of 5 app sets. It includes 5 Pro sets for a total of 15 tools. In a word, All-in-One.

Smart Tools Apk v1.5.6

Set 1: Length, Angle, Slope, Level, Thread - Smart Ruler Pro
Set 2: Distance, Height, Width, Area - Smart Measure Pro
Set 3: Compass, Metal detector, GPS - Smart Compass Pro
Set 4: Sound level meter, Vibrometer - Sound Meter Pro
Set 5: Flashlight, Magnifier - Smart Light Pro

What's new in Free Smart Tools Apk Hack:
- v1.5.6 : ActionBar added. Magnifier update.
- v1.5.5 : Compass update. More models calibrated.
- v1.5.4 : Magnifier update. (freezing & taking a picture)
- v1.5.3 : Support Nexus 10. Ruler updated.
- v1.5.2 : Protractor and Sound Meter update.
- v1.5.1 : Compass update.
- v1.5.0 : Magnifier added. Nexus 7 support.
- v1.4.9 : Ruler update (TF700T, 1920x1200).
- v1.4.8 : Compass update (Qibla finder).
- v1.4.7 : Sound meter update (Export to CSV file).

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AutoGuard Blackbox Pro Apk v3.4.1

APK FULL - Download AutoGuard Blackbox Pro 3.4.1 Free for Android
Requirements: Android v2.2+
Overview: AutoGuard Blackbox Pro Apk v3.4.1 full cracked records various lengths of video, acceleration, latitude, altitude, and speed. The video recorded can be limited to save space on your phone.

AutoGuard Blackbox Pro Apk v3.4.1

AutoGuard Ak Hack records various lengths of video, acceleration, latitude, altitude, and speed.
The video recorded can be limited to save space on your phone. After the space is filled it will automatically delete the oldest videos, unless marked to be saved.
AutoGuard Pro can be set to automatically start when placed in a car dock and run in the background.
You can adjust video resolution, bitrates, the sensitivity of the accelerator, and GPS update time.

Key Features
- (Pro) Background recording: Multitasking with other apps (like navigation, Some devices do not support this) f000h
- Show the video and map information on one screen.
- Supports high bit-rate
- Automatically starts video recording when put into car dock
- Records driving video, speed, GPS, and nearest address
- Supports high resolution (1080p)
- Traces path driven on Google maps.
- Snapshot (supports auto focus, flash & 3D gallery)
- Send recorded information via E-mail

Pro Version is ad free (AutoGrard Pro Unlocker)

Huge improvements on Auto Quality Recording feature

Widget for Background recording

Support Polish, Czech&Slovak language
Instant start for Auto Start users(No notification)

Support manual flash, focus mode, exposure (for Pro Users)

Support .srt subtitles of location information(Pro)

Anyone who wants to help translating will be welcome.
Thanks. =

Recent changes:
Support 3D google maps
Capture photos automatically (beta)
Support youtube upload automatically(Pro)
Support portrait mode
Show video thumbnails

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Root Toolbox PRO Apk v2.2.7

APK FULL - Download Root Toolbox PRO v2.2.7 FREE for Android
Requirements: 1.6 and updated
Overview: Root Toolbox Pro Full APK APP version.

Root Toolbox PRO Apk v2.2.7

DISCLAIMER: This app is made available for use at your own risk with no warranty of any kind.


I cannot respond to comments so E-MAIL ME!!!!

Root, Busybox and S-off are require to use most features in this app.

Current Features:
-Wipe Delvik
-Wipe Battery Stats
-Remount System
-Backup/Restor/Flash/Erase Recovery
-Fix permissions
-Launch Hidden Menu
-Fix Market Links
-Sim Settings
-Update Busybox
-CM7 Themes
-Restart Status Bar
-Dual Mount Sdcard + EXT
-System App Remover/Backup/Restore
-Enable/Disable Boot Animation
-Read Logcat
-Display Device Information
-Download Update.zip To Change Sdcard Read Speed
-Wipe All Webview Cache
-MD5 Sum Fixer
-Package Manager
-Debug Message
-Install Non-Market App

All suggestions on features I can add or change to improve this app are always welcome. Please fill free to E-mail me and ill get back to you as soon as possable.

To Help Support The Development Of This App Go To http://lukemovement.wordpress.com

What's new in Free Root Toolbox PRO Apk Hack: (Updated : Mar 28, 2013)
Possible fix for app freezing when launched
Improved launch method
Search key now opens search dialog in system apps list
Added link to the new Google Plus group
Translation Updated
Class constructors fixed

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FPse for android Apk v0.11.88

APK FULL - Download FPse for android 0.11.88 Free Android
Requirements: 2.1 and up, Rooted
Overview: FPse for android Apk v0.11.88 full Cracked is the fastest and most compatible PSone emulator for handheld devices.(also known as PSX or Playstation 1)

FPse for android Apk v0.11.88

More than 200.000 active users and rated up to 4,5 stars on google play!

FPse is able to render PSone games in high resolution by using OpenGL which gives outstanding graphics!

Take a look to the Official Documentation to understand requirements and how it works:

Create an ISO image from your favorite games and enjoy playing them on your Android phone.

FPse features the following:
-High performance
-High compatibility
-High sound quality
-Real-time save states
-Audio track emulation (using .cue files)
-Dynamically loadable Overlay Pads
-Guncon emulation
-Analog Stick emulation
-Compatible with G-Sensor, Touchscreen and Hardware keys
-Supports .img, .iso, .bin, .cue, .nrg , .mdf and .Z disc image formats
-Full Support for IcontrolPAD, BGP100,Zeemote (via Bluez IME)
-OpenGL support via external plugin!

A few tips to improve your gameplay experience:
-in Landscape orientation DPAD and Main 4 buttons are activated, if you want to activate all others, go in menu/input/touchscreen and select others buttons.
-Create a default configuration by setting your desired options and then selecting “Default Config Save” in the System Menu.
-CALL, BACK, VOLUME UP/DOWN buttons can be assigned as PSone buttons but can be used is not assigned.
-Guncon emulation requires the A and B buttons to be mapped to Hardware keys. By default: L3 = A and R3 = B.
-SPUSync is required for proper sound quality in certain games such as MGS and FFVII.
-Frameskip set to 50 will avoid sound stuttering on load end device or with somes games that use much CPU.

What's new in Free FPse for android Apk:
FPse 0.11.87 Changes:
- Fixed CDROM timing, Yu-gi-Oh is now perfectly working, and surely fix other problems.
- Added new video option for OpenGL plugin to Fix garbage GFX problem on Qualcomm processors.
- Fixed Framelimiter and Frameskipping for OpenGL and Soft mode (New OpenGL plugin).
- Fixed Fixed CPU Drain Battery bug, FPse should work even better.
FPse 0.11.86 Changes:
- Fixed CD Region detection, make new games working like Toy Story 2 etc...
- Fixed delay and scratch in sound

Download Instructions:
1. Install Google Play Installer
2. Run "Installer cracked GooglePlay" and press "Install and Reboot".
3. Enable Internet.
4. Install FPse for android
5. Run

Direct Download   http://ul.to/jdyzm4rz Direct Link Mirror   http://tinyurl.com/acn5ag7

ssLauncher the Original Apk v1.10.4

APK FULL - Download ssLauncher the Original 1.10.4 Free for Android
Requirements: 2.2 and updated iOS
Overview: ssLauncher the Original Apk v1.10.4 cracked unlocked is implementing all features of ssLauncher(free version). Additionally, this includes more features, some of which are applied partially to the free version.

ssLauncher the Original Apk v1.10.4

* Features
- all of ssLauncher
- copy & paste of shortcuts
- crop icons and images
- additional formatted text
- additional page transition animations
- supports application parcel(folder) without limitation
- add user defined style for shortcut

What's new in Free ssLauncher the Original Apk Hack: (Updated : Mar 28, 2013)
supports 'unread Gmail' count for multiple accounts
supports other file explorer apps not only Gallery for selecting an image.
fixed some bugs and optimized

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GO Weather EX Premium Apk v3.72

APK FULL - Download GO Weather EX Premium 3.72 Free Android
Requirements: 2.2 and updated iOs
Overview: To Be Your Best Weather Prophet Forever!

GO Weather EX Premium Apk v3.72

GO Weather EX Premium Apk v3.72 full Cracked supports tens of thousands of cities around the world. It delivers the most accurate weather information from anywhere at any time. The gorgeous dynamic background brings you the ultimate visual enjoyment.

The widget in the screenshot is the GOWidget. You can download the GO Launcher EX Hack to use it.

The systerm widget will come soon!

gorgeous dynamic background brings you the ultimate visual enjoyment.

-Themes supported
-Weather detail today
-The weather condition in the next 24 hours
-The weather forecast for the next 5 days
-Dynamic Background
-Support GO Launcher Widget(GOWidget)
-Auto refresh

What's new in Free GO Weather EX Premium Apk :
1. (Add) Future forecast widget in 4*2, 4*1 size.
2. (Add) Rainfall info.
3. (Add) Feature of theme preview.
4. (Improve) User interface of 24 hour and future weather forecast.
5. (Improve) Italian and Portuguese translation.
6. (Fix) Data refreshing failure after updating widget.

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March 29, 2013

Hungry Shark Evolution Apk v1.35

Apk Full Download Hungry Shark Evolution 1.35 For Android
Requirements: Android 2.2 or higher
Overview:Take a tour of the world’s most picturesque fishing spots in Hungry Shark Evolution Apk v1.35 Full Cracked Equip yourself with multiple fishing rods, lures, and dozens of different types of bait to catch 80 varieties of fish, as well as more than 50 rare collectible items. The original Gone Fishing garnered more than 15 million players worldwide, and this new version of the game offers two new fishing spots, and rebalanced gameplay that gives you the ability to quickly earn piles and piles of glittering gold coins that you can use to upgrade your fishing gear.

Hungry Shark Evolution Apk v1.35

Hungry Shark Evolution .Apk Hack Unlocked Unlimited
-80 different types of fish to catch!
-9 lures, 11 different fishing rods, 24 types of bait!
-Dozens of in-game achievements to unlock!
-Rebalanced gameplay offers tons of opportunities to earn gold to purchase new fishing gear!
-New social features let you share your trophy catch with friends!
-Two all-new fishing locations added to Gone Fishing's picturesque fishing circuit!
-More than 50 rare items to collect!

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(APK FULL) Angry Birds Star Wars Apk v1.2.0 Mod (Free Shopping)

FULL APK Angry Birds Star Wars v1.2.0 Mod (Free Shopping) Android App
Requirements: 2.2 and updated iOS
Overview: May the birds be with you!

(APK FULL) Angry Birds Star Wars Apk v1.2.0 Mod (Free Shopping)

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... a group of desperate rebel birds faced off against a galactic menace: the Empire’s evil Pigtroopers!
Rebel birds, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Imperial Pigs. During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire’s ultimate weapon, the PIG STAR, and are racing to deliver the plans to the Rebel Birds. Now they need your help!
Join an epic adventure with the Angry Birds in the legendary Star Wars™ universe! Use the Force, wield your lightsaber, and blast away Pigtroopers on an intergalactic journey from the deserts of Tatooine to the depths of the Pig Star -- where you’ll face off against the terrifying Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Pigs! Can you become a Jedi Master and restore freedom to the galaxy?
Time to grab your lightsaber and join the adventure! May the birds be with you!

HOURS AND HOURS OF ENGAGING GAMEPLAY - Explore more than 80 levels in iconic locations like Tatooine and the Pig Star. Can you dodge Imperial pigs, laser turrets, Tusken Raider pigs, and the dark side of the Force to get all three stars?

NEW GAMEPLAY MECHANICS - Use lightsabers, Blasters and Jedi powers to wreak havoc on the Imperial Pigs!

LEVEL UP YOUR BIRDS - Keep playing and level up your birds to improve their skills!

SECRETS AND HIDDEN GOODIES - Can you unlock all the R2-D2 and C-3PO bonus levels?

FREE UPDATES - This is only the beginning of the epic saga!

Stuck on a tricky level? Earn stars and call the Mighty Falcon to rain down the destruction. New goals, achievements and gameplay!

The ultimate training ground for a Young Jedi, this in-app purchase unlocks 40 Dagobah Challenge Levels with Jedi Master Yoda! Master the Path of the Jedi to unlock the ultimate lightsaber!

What's new in Free Angry Birds Star Wars Apk Hack:
Welcome to Bespin! After narrowly escaping the Hog Empire at the Battle of Hoth, the Rebel Birds are happy to lay low for a while. But Cloud City might not be as welcoming as it appears...
Explore Cloud City in an all new episode!
Battle your way through 20 new Bespin levels!
Introducing steam gameplay mechanics.
Unlock the new Boba Fett Missions by collecting all 5 hidden rocket packs, via promotion code, or via in-app purchase!
Brag about your trophies using the new Twitter integration!

This game has banner advertisements You can remove it via Free Shopping

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FxCamera Apk v2.6.6

Download this newly FxCamera v2.6.6 Android App
Requirements: Android 1.6+ updated iOS
Overview: Be Creative with FxCamera Full Apk

FxCamera Apk v2.6.6

Be Creative with FxCamera Direct Download for all Androids

FxCamera Apk v2.6.6 Free Android unlocked is a camera app which lets you take photos with various effects. And it’s free!

☆ Instant, ToyCam: Adds toy camera effects to your photo.
☆ Fisheye: Adds fisheye effects to your photos.
☆ Symmetric: Makes your photos symmetrical.
☆ Poster: makes your photos look like comics, “manga” or Andy Warhol’s paintings.
☆ Normal: No effects, but lets you take photos faster than your default camera and it is easier to use.

Other functions:
☆You can share your photos through Facebook and Twitter with simple steps. (We will be connecting with other services in the future.)
☆ Shortcut: You can select the effect you want and start the camera directly from your home screen.
☆ Front facing camera: You can choose front facing camera when its available.
☆ Timer: You can set a timer to take your photos.
☆ Import from your gallery: You can select photos saved on your device and add effects to them.

What's new in Free FxCamera Apk Hack Mod:
If you have a problem that you cannot save pictures, please try to uninstall and reinstall FxCamera.
Stability and response improvement

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System Monitor Apk v1.0.162

Get This newly released System Monitor 1.0.162 Android App
Requirements: 4.0 and updated iOS full version
Overview: The most beautiful and versatile System Monitor Apk v1.0.162 full cracked for Android. This application provides real time system load statistics in the form of text and graph.

System Monitor Apk v1.0.162

This app is a full 5 in 1! You will be able to monitor CPU,RAM,I/O,Network and TOP APPS from
- Main app
- Notification bar
- Floating app
- Widgets, including DashClock extensions

You will be able to configure lots of nice features, such as:
-The update interval in order to spare system resources.
-Choose to either monitor total cpu usage or individual cpu cores!

WARNING: Expanded notifications only works on Jelly Bean+

- Help translating! https://github.com/cgollner/systemmonitor-translations

- Feature graphics made by www.johnxde.com #

What's new in Free System Monitor Apk:
-Bug fixes
-New languages
Flying Monitor:
- Is now resizable.
- Is now minimizable.
- Option to change transparency.
- New action bar button in the main app to launch the corresponding flying monitor.
Top Apps (New)
- Now you can see the top apps (CPU, MEMORY and CPU Time).
- Option to re-order by Name, Cpu, Memory or Cpu time.
Bug fixes:
- Fixed some issues related to offline/online cpu cores.

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http://extabit.com/ APK ONLY

March 28, 2013

Beautiful Widgets Apk v5.1.1b4

Get this Free Beautiful Widgets v5.1.1b4 Android App
Requirements: 2.2+ updated Full version
Overview: Beautiful Widgets Apk v5.1.1b4 full cracked, the perfect widgets application get a facelift and is back in a brand new version!

Beautiful Widgets Apk v5.1.1b4

Tons of widgets, tons of themes, just for you. Beautiful Widgets Apk Android is your best friend for customizing your home screen. Make it personal, be unique & express yourself.
Beautiful Widgets was the first paid app reaching 1 million of downloads. It has been Google Editor's Choice for more than a year, and more then 3 years in the top #5 paid applications in the Android Play Store (previously Android Market).

Journalists and bloggers said good things:
- Android Central: "We love Beautiful Widgets"
- AndroidGuys: "We’re already set to rename the app “Simply Stunning Widgets”"
- Android and Me: "Beautiful Widgets is one of the essential must-have Android apps, and has been for quite some time now. If you still haven’t managed to buy the app, there’s no time to waste."
- ZDNet: "The strength of Android is the ability to make the interface very personal, and Beautiful Widgets is the daddy of them all."
- FrAndroid: "Beautiful Widgets is excellent"
Multiple widgets are available for displaying a clock, the weather, your battery percentage, the current date or accessing some system settings more easily with toggles.
Numerous layouts offer your widgets different faces for the same functionality.
More than a thousand free themes to beautify your widgets. You will be able to do multiple combinations with clock, weather, battery and toggle themes. You can discover the themes on the web store : http://market.beautiful-widgets.com/

Each widget is independent, allowing you to create the same widget for different locations, different themes or layouts.

If customization is not enough for you, discover :
- Beautiful 5 days forecast with stunning animations
- Multiple language forecast
- Localized time, so you always know the weather and local time of any place in the world
- 12 Hours forecast
- Moon-phases, current and a forecast for the next 4/5 phases
- Weather alerts (USA only)
- Fancy Weather Live Wallpaper OpenGL accelerated which displays the weather live on your wallpaper, with many effects, physics and interactions!
- Have an eye on your current weather thanks to the great Jelly Bean notifications. Either display the weather icon or the temperature in the status bar.
- Android Holo look & feel
- Web Skin Market with cloud to device communication: browse themes from your computer and apply it directly to your phone along with a new wallpaper!
- Web Skin Mixer: create your own customized skins from the elements of the others themes (http://market.beautiful-widgets.com/ski ... planations)
- HD (High definition) themes
- Nice toggle widgets for Wifi, Bluetooth, Mobile, Brightness, GPS (shortcut), Silent, Vibrate, Plane Mode, Rotate and a Timed Silence!
- Animated weather when your phone is unlocked
Much more to come. You should know that Beautiful Widgets has been created 3 years ago, and it is still updated very frequently. So no hesitation, purchase it and express yourself!

You can submit your own themes from : http://levelupstudio.com/skincreator

*** Important notes ***
We allow more than 15 minutes for the refund policy because we think it is too short. You can contact us from Google Checkout within 24 hours with an explanation on why you are not interested in keeping it. Warning: this do not apply during sales and promotions!
This application is not working on the SD Card because it contains widgets, so please make sure you have enough free space on your device.

What's new in Free Beautiful Widgets Apk:
- New weather provider WeatherUnderground
- New Forecast Fragment Lifestyles
- New widgets for tablets
- New beta channel
- New layouts for WeatherWidgets 4x1
Improve :
- The geolocation can be removed
- Add a setting to disable the weather animations
- Hide Home Fragment, and put Tutorial when there is no widgets
- New translations
- Physical menu button opens the Sliding menu in the Forecast Screen
Fix a lot of bugs

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TouchPal Contacts Apk v4.5.8

Download TouchPal Contacts v4.5.8 Android App
Requirements: 2.0+ updated iOs Full version
Overview: Keep in touch with your Pals.

TouchPal Contacts Apk v4.5.8

TouchPal Contacts Apk Full Download is a powerful smart dialer/contacts app to replace your stock dialer. You can search contacts on dialpad, set your availability, block calls and integrate Facebook & Twitter into your contact list. Keep in touch with your Pals.

* Fast Contact Search – Use phone pad to find contacts by names, initials or any part of the numbers.
*Number attribution - Show the registered location of phone number.
* Availability - Let your Pals know when you are free for a call. And you can Mark unavailable Pals to get Reminder once he/she turns to available.
* Facebook/Twitter Integration - Access to your Pal’s Facebook/Twitter page directly in contact details. Sync your status to Facebook/Twitter at once.
* Blocklist – Block/unblock calls from any contact.
* Contacts Exchange – Exchange e-business cards by just a flip.

- Directly type contact names on dial pad. Type “MG”, “Miy” or “Guz” for “MiyaseGuzel”
- Type “1234” for any phone number consisting of “1234”. (e.g., “415-888-1234”, “415-123-4888”)
- Search contacts by their company names, email, address or notes.

You can see whether your contacts are tied up before you make calls. If they are busy, you may mark them and get a notification when they turns free. If someone calls you when you are busy, you can let the app to text your status to them via SMS.

Update your status on Facebook & Twitter directly from TouchPal. Access to your Pal’s Facebook/Twitter pages in contact details.

With TouchPal, you will ALWAYS have the latest contact info of your Pals. When your Pals update their profile, you will be automatically updated.

What's in Download TouchPal Contacts Apk App:
1.Update datas
2.Add dual sim support
3.Fix several bugs

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Trial of the Clone Apk v1.0.1.0

Download this newly released Trial of the Clone v1.0.1.0 Android App
Requirements: Android O/S : 2.0.1+
Overview: ou are a clone raised by the mysterious Silene Monks!

Trial of the Clone Apk v1.0.1.0

But you are not like the rest of your clone brothers. You have been chosen for a special destiny. Make the right decisions and you'll complete your training, explore a universe full of adventure, and prove yourself a hero. Make the wrong decisions and you'll be dead. Really dead. Its hard to emphasise just how dead you will be. So here's a pre tip for you: try to make the right decisions."

Written by Zach Weinersmith, creator of the hilarious award-winning comic strip 'Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal'.

You're a clone who sets out to find your place in a cold, uncaring, but also kickass and ridiculous futuristic world, solving challenging puzzles and fighting monsters along the way. It's like D&D for people who are too cool for other people!

Exclusive new features in the app:

• Wil Wheaton voice over! Listen to Wil Wheaton whisper things like "love", "Plasmaster", "moral ambiguity", and "disappointment" into your ear.
• All new death endings, written by Zach himself. Not available in the print book!
• Achievements to find throughout the gamebook
• Play the gamebook following all the rules, or cheat all you want!

Trial of the clone has been brought to Android using Tin Man Games’ critically acclaimed Gamebook Adventures Engine featuring:

• An automated Adventure Sheet to keep track of stats and inventory.
• Artwork gallery. Find an illustration in the gamebook and be able to access it full-screen forever.
• Bookmarking system which saves your position in the gamebook, much like putting your fingers between the pages to remember your previous page when reading the paperback!
• Specially composed soundtrack
• Landscape support for larger devices

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Magicka Apk v1.2

Download this newly released Magicka v1.2 Android App
Requirements: 2.2+ updated iOS full version
Overview: Magicka Apk v1.2 full cracked - Wizards of the Square Tablet: Now you can accidentally set your friends on fire from anywhere!

Magicka Apk v1.2

From the publisher that brought you Magicka Apk Download, it’s more Magicka! Featuring the innovative and dynamic spellcasting system from the critically acclaimed PC hit, Wizards of the Square Tablet brings to your Android those lovable robed rascals from the popular RPG spoof. Now you can bring them with you wherever you go, in a brand new campaign set before the original tale of Magicka.

Touch, tap, poke, and prod your way through the new campaign by yourself, or “accidentally” obliterate your friends in multiplayer co-op, which supports up to four wizards! Play together with fellow mages across multiple platforms, which may co-exist in the same game session thanks to a twisted union made possible by dark sorcery!

Cast your spells across multiple levels, and unlock new powers unique to the mobile Magicka experience. Experience the humor and chaos of this satirical fantasy world, and don’t worry too much if your tablet isn't exactly a square!

Features: Magicka Apk Hack Unlimited MOD
* Combine elements to create thousands of spell combinations
* All-new campaign for single or multiplayer
* Cross-platform co-op
* 4-player mayhem with many “accidental” team-kills
* New items and powers unique to the Android
* Spend hours touching a representation of yourself

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http://turbobit.net/ ARMv6:

Ski Safari Apk v2.0.0

Check This newly released Ski Safari v2.0.0 Android App
Requirements: Android 2.0.1 and updated iOS
Overview: Ride penguins, yetis and more in an endless downhill avalanche escape!

Ski Safari Apk v2.0.0

Welcome to Ski Safari free for Android!

Ski Safari Apk v2.0.0 full cracked is where Animals, Avalanches and Action come together to create a new casual gameplay experience.

Our deep sleeping hero has to stay ahead of a relentless avalanche that threatens the local mountainsides. Sven, as we like to call him, can use animals to aid his escape from an icey end. Each of the hillside animals have different attributes to make a speedier escape. Penguins glide further, Yetis are tougher, Eagles soar to great heights, each of these can provide useful advantage for Sven. Sometimes on the slopes Sven can find fast Snowmobiles which can ferry multiple animals a maintain a very high top speed.

Staying ahead of the avalanche has its advantages and perks. Completing objectives can 'level up' Sven and increase his score multiplier. Riding animals, performing backflips add to the score and with an increased score multiplier Sven will rocketing up the highscore table with ease.

What's new in Free Ski Safari Apk Hack:
Welcome to the North Pole!
Its that time of year where reindeer and snowballs collide... well... at least in Ski Safari they do.
We've crammed loads of things in this update, including:
• new boosters!
• new costumes and scarves!
• new snowmobiles!
• new challenges and ranks!
• tweaks and fixes
Once you are out in wilds of the North Pole be on the look out for the elusive Rudolph reindeer, its the one with the shiny red nose... some would even say it glows.
Happy holidays and have fun!

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Action Launcher Pro Apk v1.5.0

Check this latest released Action Launcher Pro v1.5.0 Android App
Requirements: 4.0.3 and updated iOS full version
Overview: Action Launcher Apk Download re-imagines the concept of an Android launcher. Put simply, Action Launcher Apk unlocked is designed to get you where you need to go, faster.

Action Launcher Pro Apk v1.5.0

It looks and feels like a natural launching pad for the Android ecosystem.

Standout features include:
* Sliding app drawer for instant access to all your apps
* 'Covers', an innovative new way to quickly launch apps and shortcuts without compromising the look of your carefully crafted homescreen.
* Quicksearch, a fast and powerful feature that allows you to search for apps, contacts and even music directly from the action bar.
* Android's unique and powerful action bar is fully integrated into your desktop.
* Highly organized customization options
* All of the settings you expect from custom launcher: specify apps to hide, adjustable number of home screen pages, grid sizes, page margins, dock toggles, resize any widget, etc.
* Strong Play Store integration

Action Launcher allows you to import from existing launcher layout from other launchers such as Apex, Nova, TouchWiz and the stock Android launcher, so you'll instantly feel right at home.

What's new in Free Action Launcher Pro Apk Droid App: (Updated : Mar 27, 2013)
NEW: Shutters - finally, you can unlock the power & potential of Android's widgets. Shutters are similar to a cover: press the app icon to load the app, but if you swipe the icon, that app's widget will automatically be created & displayed. (Note that due to Android API limitations, shutters require Android 4.1 or later)
NEW: Full tablet support.
NEW: Many stability improvements.
NEW: WAY more features than Google will let me list here. See here for a full breakdown: http://bit.ly/WZtfzP

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http://tinyurl.com/ Version 1.5.7 UPDATE April 18, 2013

March 27, 2013

Strategy&Tactics: World War II Apk v1.0.1

check this updated for Strategy&Tactics: World War II v1.0.1 Download Android
Requirements: 2.3+
Overview: "Relive the greatest battles of WWII in this grand strategy masterpiece. Take command of the Axis to conquer Europe - then command the armies of the USSR and Allies to retake it.

Strategy&Tactics: World War II Apk v1.0.1

In Strategy&Tactics: World War II Apk v1.0.1 full cracked, you battle impressive AI enemies in three campaigns with a classic turn-based battle system and serried ranks of historically-accurate troops. Fight your way through eighteen missions with an exсiting storyline and charismatic characters across Europe, Asia and Africa, research new technologies to improve your troops and build industry, and lead your armies to victory.

If you manage to finish all that,there are also skirmish games, several classic scenarios, plus hot seat and WiFi multiplayer modes to play, including between various different smartphones and tablets. All this displayed, in a highly-detailed, powerful but simple to understand interface. "

★ 3 full campaigns with 18 historical missions
★ Play multiplayer across different smartphones and tablets
★ Realistic global strategy with historically-accurate maps
★ A wide array of game modes
★ Juggle military, economic and scientific development
★ Several hardcore scenarios and a endlessly replayable skirmish mode

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SongPop Premium Apk v1.6.4

check this latest release for SongPop Premium v1.6.4 Download Android
Requirements: Android 2.2 and updated
Overview: The best music trivia game.

SongPop Premium Apk v1.6.4

Are you ready to rock? Listen to song clips to test your music recognition - then send challenges to your friends! Prove that you're a true music master with Song Pop, the best music app!
Play with songs by your favorite artists, explore new genres, and rediscover nostalgic classics with our fun quizzes!

Connect with Facebook to find and play with your friends, or create random matches with music-loving strangers!

Premium Features:
Play with twice as many friends at once!
Extended, HD quality music clips!
Totally ad-free, forever!
Game Features:
From Today's Hits to Classic Rock, start with 6 basic playlists - there's something for everyone!
Play with thousands of songs from the Golden Oldies to today!
Invite your friends to quick challenges and see who has the best music memory!
Unlock new playlists featuring more genres, more artists, and special song collections!

What's new in Free SongPop Premium Apk :
♪ User Music Profiles to Help You Find Even Better Matches
♪♪ detailed stats about playlists owned and mastered
♪♪ music compatibility scores
♪♪ the ability to browse profiles to find your perfect match
♪♪ see songs that you and your opponents have liked
♪♪ found a great match? Challenge right from their profile
♪ See when your opponents are online
♪ Unlimited challenges for VIP members
♪ Performance improvements and bug fixes

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Football Manager Handheld 2013 Apk v4.2

Check out this latest Football Manager Handheld 2013 Apk v4.2 Android
Requirements: Android v2.2+ updated Full Version
Overview: Football Manager Handheld™ 2013 Apk Full Download puts you in the hot-seat and allows you to put your managerial skills to the test wherever, whenever and however you want.

Football Manager Handheld 2013 Apk v4.2

Take the hot-seat at any club from a choice of leagues in 14 countries, and assume full control of transfers, training, tactics and managing your team live during matchdays as you strive for glory and silverware.
Whether it be in commute-sized bursts, or on-the-sofa marathons, there’s an experience for everyone as you can choose between a full career or face up to the popular ‘Challenge Mode’, which offers a series of particular short-term scenarios with a clear goal to be achieved.

Whichever mode is chosen, you’ll deal with real-life situations involving real players, as researched by Sports Interactive’s huge global scouting network.
Making their full debut this year in FMH13 are in-app purchases. These optional extras are available in both game modes and allow you the opportunity to instantly do things such as expanding your stadium or attract a wealthy ‘Sugar Daddy’ chairman for a small fee. You can also purchase fresh new challenges in Challenge Hack Mode.
Other new Android features:
• Fully up-to-date league/player/competition data to football season 2012/13.
• Player photos now included for licensed leagues.
• New playable leagues – Northern Ireland / Republic of Ireland.
• Player comparison & form updates.
• Media / news / match improvements.
The 14 countries with playable leagues in Football Manager Handheld Apk unlocked unlimited mod for Android are Australia, Belgium, Brazil, England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Northern Ireland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Scotland, Spain and Wales.
The game can be played in four languages; English, French, Italian and Spanish.
Football Manager Handheld Apk Droid App Adfree has been designed for Android devices using OS 2.2 and above (please check on the Google Play store for a full list of compatible devices). For further information please go to www.sigames.com or www.footballmanager.com
(A data download will occur the first time the game is launched. The download size will be between 16-27MB depending on your device type. If you wish to download player pictures, the download will be 47–181MB depending on your device type).

What's new in Free Football Manager Handheld 2013 Apk : (Updated : Mar 25, 2012)
January transfer window data update
Visit http://community.sigames.com/showthread ... ata-update)-out-now! for the full change list

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Monster Shooter: Lost Levels Apk v1.9

Check this newly released Monster Shooter: Lost Levels v1.9 Android App
Requirements: Android 2.2 and updated iOS Adfree
Overview: More levels, more enemies, more weapons...GET THE BEST MONSTER SHOOTER EVER NOW!

Monster Shooter: Lost Levels Apk v1.9

Monster Shooter: The Lost Levels  Apk Full Cracked is the totally ad-free premium edition of possibly the best mobile dual-stick shooter game ever, with brand new exclusive features and content!

Survive massive waves of enemies and save the kitten. Find all you need to annihilate aliens in fully packed armory. Upgrade your weapons for even greater destruction. Improve your play style with perks and support items. Challenge your friends to beat your high-score in Survival Mode. This and much more will guarantee long hours of the most exciting gameplay you can get on your mobile!

Monster Shooter: Lost Levels .Apk Hack
- Unlimited New levels, new enemies, new weapons!
- 60 Full challenging levels on 3 different planets
- Direct 12 upgradeable weapons
- Over 80 achievements
- Leaderboards in survival mode
- Over 100 missions
- Ultra-cute hand-drawn 2D graphics
- Stunning visual and audio effects

More levels, more enemies, more weapons...GET THE BEST MONSTER SHOOTER EVER NOW!

What's new in Free Monster Shooter: Lost Levels Apk Droid App: (Updated : Mar 26, 2013)
Support for high resolution devices added (including Google Nexus 10 and Sony Xperia Z)

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Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Apk v1.0.4

Check this released for Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour v1.0.4 Android App
Requirements: 2.3 and updated iOS full
Overview: The #1 Action FPS game is back on smartphone with a new chapter to push the boundaries of mobile gaming even further. In the wake of nuclear warfare, the only chance to avoid global devastation is in the hands of the few elite soldiers who must track down and rescue the world’s leaders from a frighteningly familiar terrorist group.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Apk v1.0.4

☢ Feel the story’s dramatic intensity and see both sides of the story by also playing the villain, Edward Page.
☢ Dominate the battlefield with a new tactical movement system!
☢ Wage war and take action all over the world, from Antarctica to Barcelona!

☢ Feel the chaos of war on the battlefield with console-like graphics, lifelike animations and dynamic objects.
☢ The first Gameloft title powered by the Havok Engine for amazing ragdoll effects. Warfare never felt so realistic!
☢ Improved sound & voice acting performed by a renowned studio in the movie industry.

☢ Forge your own gameplay profile online with an improved loadout system & over 20,000 weapon arrangements!
☢ A new specialization system with redesigned skills.
☢ Lead your character to the top of the online leaderboards with a new ranking system!

Find all the information for MC4, the #1 Action FPS game, on http://www.modern-combat.net.

For all fans of action games, FPS games (First-Person Shooters), war games, multiplayer games, online FPS games, and for all players who want to dominate the battlefield!

Visit our official site at http://www.gameloft.com
Follow us on Twitter at http://glft.co/GameloftonTwitter or like us on Facebook at http://facebook.com/Gameloft to get more info about all our upcoming titles.
Check out our videos and game trailers on http://www.youtube.com/Gameloft
Discover our blog at http://glft.co/Gameloft_Official_Blog for the inside scoop on everything Gameloft.

What's new in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Apk: (Updated : Mar 26, 2013)
Minor bug fixes.

Direct Download  
http://ul.to/4doph SD  
Direct Link Mirror  

March 26, 2013

SwiftKey Keyboard Apk v4.0.1.128

A newly released version SwiftKey Keyboard v4.0.1.128 Android App
Requirements: Varies with device
Overview: SwiftKey Apk Full cracked – the best-selling keyboard on Android

SwiftKey Keyboard Apk v4.0.1.128

#1 selling app in 38 countries, over 70,000 ✮✮✮✮✮ reviews
Winner of Webby Award & Global Mobile Award for Innovation
A Fast Company Top 10 Most Innovative Mobile Business
The only true multi-lingual keyboard - type in up to three languages simultaneously

“Shockingly accurate, making for a creepy-fast typing experience.” -
“I can’t recommend SwiftKey highly enough.” -

SwiftKey replaces the touchscreen keyboard on your phone with one that understands how words work together, giving the world’s most accurate autocorrect - and predicting your next word before you press a key.

The keyboard learns as you use it to make corrections and predictions based on the way that you write. It can even learn from your Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or blog to make its insights even more personalized. You can also enable up to three languages simultaneously, for true multi-lingual typing.

Switch seamlessly between tapping and gesture typing with our new SwiftKey Flow feature. It combines the mind-reading capabilities of SwiftKey Download Android with the speed of gliding your fingers across the screen. With ‘Flow Through Space’, you can also enter entire phrases without lifting your finger from the screen, simply by sliding to the space bar between words.

For video tips and support, visit http://www.swiftkey.net/

Language support (enable up to three at once):
English (US)
English (UK)
English (AU)
French (CA)
French (FR)
Persian (Farsi)
Portuguese (BR)
Portuguese (PT)
Spanish (ES)
Spanish (US)
Spanish (LA)

What's new in Free SwiftKey Keyboard Apk Droid App:
SwiftKey Flow: World’s most accurate gesture input, with next word prediction
Flow Through Space: Gesture multiple words without lifting a finger
Personalization: More thorough learning of your language and typing style
Better predictions: Enhanced language engine, predictions in more text fields
Easier corrections: Tap anywhere on a word to choose an alternative
60 languages: Now including Albanian, Bosnian, Javanese, Sundanese, Thai, Vietnamese

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Offline English Dictionary Apk v1.1.2

Check this newly released Offline English Dictionary v1.1.2 Android App
Requirements: Android 1.6+ updated iOS full
Overview: Offline English Dictionary and Thesaurus

Offline English Dictionary Apk v1.1.2

Offline English Dictionary and Thesaurus

* Straightforward and precise definitions of over 140.000 words
* Works offline. No internet connection needed! Perfect for your studies and trips or when no data connection is available
* Save your favorite definitions
* Listen to the definitions with American or British accent using Android's built-in Text-to-speech synthesizer
* Advanced search system:
- Search inside definitions and examples
- Search using different criteria: word start, exact match or any substring
* Share definitions by SMS, email or even Facebook and Twitter
* Saves automatically your phone's data space. The app installs itself automatically in the SD card if possible (Android 2.2+).
* Optimized for all Android versions
* Based on WordNet®, a lexical reference system whose design is inspired by current psycholinguistic theories of human lexical memory. English nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs are organized into synonym sets, each representing one underlying lexical concept.


Q: How can I change the speech speed?
A: The speed of the speech is controlled by the TTS engine installed with Android. It can be set up by going to:
Settings --> Voice input & output settings --> Text to speech settings --> speech rate

Q: I don't like the voice. How can I improve it?
A: The default text-to-speech engine installed with Android is Pico TTS, it’s pretty simple and sometimes may sound a bit electronic. You can always install alternatives like eSpeak, SVox or IVONA from Android Market. Please check our blog post about this subject: http://www.movinapp.com/talking-android

Q: How can I change the speech accent?
A: Just go to Menu/Action Bar --> Settings and select the language. Currently, 2 English accents are available:
* English (US)
* English (UK)

The text-to-speech (TTS) technology may not be available in some devices. To check if your phone is able of speech synthesis: Menu -> Settings -> Voice input & output -> Text-to-speech settings.
If not installed, your device may ask you to install the TTS engine. An internet connection may be required. We suggest installing it before traveling as roaming data tariffs may be very expensive.

What's new in Free Offline English Dictionary Apk:
- New icon
- Usability improvements
- Share definitions by SMS, email or even Facebook and Twitter
- Backup your favorites in the SD card
- Export your favorites to other applications
- Bug fixes

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