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February 27, 2013

TV Portal - Stream TV & Movies Full Apk v1.0.12

TV Portal - Stream TV & Movies Full v1.0.12
Requirements: 2.2 and updated
Overview: TV Portal Apk Free Download allows you to watch free TV Shows and free Movies on your Android device.

TV Portal - Stream TV & Movies Full Apk v1.0.12

TV Portal Unlocked gives you easy access to 1000’s of free TV Shows and free Movies on your Android device. Within seconds of downloading, you will be able to watch free TV streams and free Movies. It’s that simple.

TV Portal Free Apk allows you to watch TV Show streams for free, unlimited for 2 days. After that, you will only be able to watch 2 free TV streams every 6 hours. There will never be a limit on watching free movies. Upgrading TV Portal will remove both the limit on TV streams as well as those pesky ads.

Upgrading TV Portal Apk Full Version only costs $2.99. Upgrading is a one time fee. Keep in mind that some free media players are ad supported during pause in their free version. That is something beyond our control. Please consider upgrading your video player of choice to remove ads and to contribute to their development teams. Those developers work very hard on their video players, and they deserve great support.

We are going to begin working on a complete overhaul of TV Portal Cracked for Android soon, and it will include many more sources, a completely redesigned Holo theme, a rating system for streams, new ways to sort TV Show streams and Movies, and much more.

We will be focusing on improving our selection of free Movies, adding more free TV shows and more sources for existing TV shows, more anime, more cartoons, and eventually different languages. In the future, TV Portal will be the most comprehensive list of free sources of TV Shows and Movies on the Internet. With the new improvements to our UI and functionality, we are hoping it will be the easiest to use, as well.

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ViMu ($2.99)

What's new in Free TV Portal - Stream TV & Movies Full Apk Android:
Fixed allmyvideos & vidbull links

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