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July 11, 2013

Dragon Ball: Desert Adventure Apk v1.0.1

Download Dragon Ball: Desert Adventure v1.0.1 Full Android App
Requirements: Android 2.2 and unlocked
Overview: Goku is taken to a one very special challenge by Master Roshi. His mission is collecting the Dragon balls in a wild desert, where there are much dangerousness waiting for GoKu.

Dragon Ball: Desert Adventure Apk v1.0.1

He must use his cloud to fly and fight with Robot, and monsters. And especially, there is a strongest competitor named Frieza. Your mission is help GoKu avoiding attacks from Fize and his underlings.
On this journey, Goku will be supported by items contain: Chicken Thighs, power items .etc, which will help Goku become an supper Saiyan and help him to win Frieza easier.
Let’s joint in this very interesting Journey with Goku.

- Tap and hold the left button to fly
- Tap the right button to attack.
- Very easy play and very very funny.

Let's play with goku now !

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