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July 20, 2013

Clean Master Apk v3.7.0.297 Full Unlocked

All-in-One Android Cleaner - Clean Master v3.7.0.297 Free Install App for Android

Clean Master Apk v3.7.0.297 Full Unlocked

Junk Files- Clean Cache and Residual Files
This will help you erase cache and residuals files easily. On Android devices,cache and residual files wil accumulate to take up hundreds of megabytes and in some cases even gibabytes of space.
[Privacy] - Delete History
Privacy is important and many of your apps silently record your personal information like your SMS/MMS, web browser data, Google search history etc. Clean Master can perform message deletion and also can clear browser data, clipboard data and history data of many other apps like Wechat, Whatsapp, Spotify, Pinterest, Line etc.
[Task Killer] - Advanced Task Manager
Tasks running in background not only occupy system RAM, but also waste your battery life. Task Killer can stop other apps that are running in the background and release more RAM to speed up your android device. This includes a shortcut called "1 Tap Boost" which is a more convenient way to boost android memory.
[App Manager] - Backup, Move to SD & Uninstaller
App manager consists of uninstaller and backup assistant. Clean master offers you an opportunity to uninstall apps easily with just one simply click. Also, you can backup apk files onto SD card and reinstall them later using the apk installer of app manager. Clean Master can also move app data to the SD card to save significant space if you are a rooted user.
[Widget] - Memory Booster Widget
Now a memory booster widget comes along with 3.5.0 version. Touch the desktop with a long hold until a window appears, from this window scroll down to Clean Master Widget and touch.

What's New [Updated
July 17, 2013]
1. Improved scanning speed for app manager.
2. Independent interface for moving apps to the SD card. (for supported devices).
3. New notification for moving apps to SD card (for supported. devices).
4. More information now included about the cache files before deletion.
Breaking News! Clean Master supports cleaning video cache generated by Instagram now. This video cache makes your device running out of space very soon.

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