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July 7, 2013

Dark Avenger Apk v1.1.0

Dark Avenger v1.1.0 (1.1.0) Full Crack
Requirements: Android 2.2+

Introducing the brand new ARCHER!

Evil has awoken from its slumber.
The premiere mobile MORPG!

Evil has awoken from its slumber.
Rising from the darkness! Dark Avenger, the premiere mobile MORPG!

New Archer class is now available.
Play the Archer and shoot your way towards immortality!

★New Archer Class★
- Dark Avenger now has 2 available classes: Templar the melee warrior & Archer the long-ranged shooter
- Participate in dynamic, strategic battles in Boss Raid and Death Match mode!

★State-of-the-art Graphics★
- Brilliant 3D Graphics featured in Full HD with Dynamic Lighting!!
- Side Camera View feature added for dynamic gameplay!

★Boss Raid: Strategic Co-Op Battle★
- 3 players can simultaneously play in the Boss Raid mode!!
- Different rewards are available based on contribution!!

★New 3:3 PvP Battle★
- A user can join anytime in 3:3 network PvP battle!!
- Accumulate wins/loss & kills/deaths to compete in the weekly ranking!!

★Infinity Tower: Hunting Never Stops★
- Play against the best players around the globe every week!!
- Reach the highest floor and become the best warrior!!
★18 vs. 1: The Ultimate In-Game Action★
- Semi-targeting system allows players to experience the maximum effect!
Strike the enemies!
- Combine full effects and skills in a devastating combo to fend off multiple enemies!

★New Updates★
- New game mode will be added!!
- New features in Boss Raid and Death Match modes will be added!!
- New stages/weapons/armors/items will be added!!

What's in Free Dark Avenger Apk Unlocked modded:
1. New es are available in Boss Raid mode.
2. Legend Item/Weapon/Armor Boxes are available to acquire weapons/armors more easily.
3. Death Match mode is optimized for the best gameplay experience..
- Lag issues fixed
- Bug fixed where the player couldn't activate the skill when being attacked
- Archer won't be knocked down when the Templar activates Dash skill
4. Your in-game data will be safe from deletion.
5. Crash issues on Single Player/Boss Raid mode have been fixed.

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