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June 13, 2013

Sliding Messaging Theme Engine Apk v1.5

Sliding Messaging Theme Engine Free Android Download
Requirements: 4.0 and unlocked mod patched
Overview: This app will unlock features inside of Sliding Messaging (both the pro and free versions) and is not a standalone app!

Sliding Messaging Theme Engine Apk v1.5
Download Sliding Messaging Theme Engine v1.5 Android

- Fully edit 18 different themeable items in the classic and hangouts UI
- Choose from any color in the rainbow for each item or select one of the holo presets
- Apply custom fonts from your SD card to the Sliding Messaging UI
- Change transparency of messages to allow for viewing of backgrounds behind the message list without the previous performance hit
- Easily save and share your themes with others online
Once installed, begin creating new themes and editing old ones by going into Sliding Messaging -> Settings -> Custom Theme Settings and click the menu button to display your options or get help getting started.

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