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June 24, 2013

Robird Apk v1.3.1.7

Robird Android App
Requirements: 4.0 and unlocked mod
Overview: Holo styled twitter client for Android. Designed with better user experience. Very smooth and blazing fast timeline.

Robird Apk v1.3.1.7

* Push notifications
* Multiple image upload and preview
* Streaming for timelines and directs
* TweetMarker sync
* Auto refresh feature with time period
* DashClock widget extension
* TweetLonger links auto expand in timeline and posting long tweets
* Saving tweet to drafts if sending failed and auto send when internet connection available
* Previews for image services and navigation betweet image with swipe left/right

Coming soon
* Tablet UI
* Multi account support

What's in Free Robird Apk Hack:
* Bug fixes
* Crash fixes
Tablet UI coming soon.

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