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June 29, 2013

Plex for Android Apk v3.0.14.23

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Requirements: Android OS 2.1+
Overview: Plex cracked for Android allows you to browse and play your video, photos, and music right on your Android device, streamed from Plex Media Server on your Mac or your PC. Media is available from CNET, Revision3 and a many other popular online sources. With Plex Media Server for Mac you can stream additional content from Aperture, iPhoto, and iTunes.

Plex for Android Apk Full Version

Plex for Android may NOT be for you for any of the following reasons:
* Netflix and Hulu are not supported on Plex for Android at this time.
* The app will not currently play video on Honeycomb/Android 3.0 (yes that includes the Xoom).
* The app will work but is not yet optimized for tablets and larger screens.
* Plex for Android won't be able to do anything unless you setup a server on your PC or Mac - which is available for free at
* You want to use Plex to get to your media remotely but you don't want to think about things like port-forwarding.
We strongly recommend that you have your Plex Media Server all ready to go BEFORE you buy Plex for Android.

What's in Free Plex for Android Apk:
- Fix crash when playing audio
- Allow jumping to library sections quickly via the ActionBar
- Allow local subtitles to be used even when video is transcoded
- Allow "Play On" for individual tracks
- Added "External Player" device media profile
Lots of additional changes and fixes, checkout our forums for more information:

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