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April 9, 2013

Office Life Apk v1.1.5

Check this newly released APK FULL - Office Life 1.1.5 Android Apps
Requirements: Android 2.2+

Working as a secretary is uneasy. Do you disbelieve? Then try to survive the everyday work secretary. It's more difficult, than you think. You will have in time to answer on an e-mail and telephone, take to the boss coffee and printed documents for signature, and it's all almost simultaneously. Pace of the working day is accelerated, and how all to have time and to forget nothing? Try to work maximally long time and to get a higher score.

Office Life Apk v1.1.5

- Easy-to-operate controls:
Touch the screen to e-mail, telephone, printer, coffee machine
- Funny cartoon 3D graphics
- Global Leaderboard TOP 500(need internet)

- Boss Day
- Accountant Day
- Manager Day
- Etc.

If you like the game and you want to see the new levels, help rate it and buy the full version Office Life!

What's new in Free Office Life Apk Android:
v1.0 - release
v1.0.1 - little fixes
* Added Global Leaderboard (need internet)
* Redesigned menu system
* Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
v1.1.1 - fixes Leaderboard sort on score
v1.1.2 - fixes Leaderboard
* added highlighting of your player name
* turned off the option to send an empty name
v1.1.3 - Leaderboard performance fixes
v1.1.4 - Donate added!
v1.1.5 - Leaderboard UTF-8 fixes

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