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April 23, 2013

Seamonte Apk v1.0.2

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Requirements: 2.1 and updated iOS unlimited money games

Seamonte Apk v1.0.2

Hey, land rat! I've that you want to be a pirate, huh?
So listen up, chicken, if you want to sail the seas with me, be called thunder o' seas, and terrify sailors with your ferocity, first you will have to use your brain, arrr!
Seamonte Apk v1.0.2 full cracked mod is a logical puzzle, in which You take the role of aimer at pirate ship.
Your goal is to rotate compass and match numbers and game bonuses into pairs. Side objects will move from one lane to other.
You must hurry, since while you play, a fierce battle will is ongoing between your and enemy ships.
Hesitating will send you to sea depths, which means no fame at all.
More and more solutions, bonuses, secrets and events, accompanied by an excellent soundtrack and appealing graphics will not leave you bored.
Also you'll have an opportunity to open a mini-game and defeat Kraken in a mortal fight.

What's new: Free Seamonte Apk Unlocked
-Changed map
-Changed the game interface
-Added pause menu
-A system of bonuses
-Added new effects
-Changed the complexity
-Fixed bugs with sound

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