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April 25, 2013

Cube Music Apk v1.0.104

Check out this newly released Apk Full - Cube Music v1.0.104 Free Android
Requirements: 1.5+ updated ios unlocked cracked apps Adfree version
Overview: This is the beta Hack version of the ³ (aka Cubed) music player. Enjoy!

Cube Music Apk v1.0.104

NOTE_ If you are having issues with album art run 'Get Art' again. If that does not work try deleting the art cache (in the preferences menu) and then running 'Get Art' again. As a last resort you can try deleting the /sdcard/albumthumbs/RockOnNg folder.

What's new in Free Cube Music Droid Apk:
* fixed crash on 1.5
* (hopefully) fixed some more widget action
* fixed remaining art bugs on the wall view
* fixed widgets
* fixed white bg on the lockscreen
== v99
* high res covers (when available)
* high res icon & menu icons
* updated classic widget style for ICS
* fixed blank view modes (boring//song)
== v96
* RTL text support (HUGE thanks to Michal Yuval!!!!)
* updated notification icon to match 2.3+ themes
* removed all promotional stuff

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