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April 10, 2013

Gunners Union Apk v1.2.2

Check this APK FULL - Gunners Union 1.2.2 Android Apps
Requirements: 2.2 and updated iOS mod

Gunners Union Apk v1.2.2

This is a city development battle simulation game, available as a new FREE app!
The player takes command, working to rebuild a city devastated by war.
Build housing, military facilities, and various other structures to develop your city.
Assemble powerful weapons units, Destroid Arms, to protect your town from the rampaging Destroyers.
Increase your town's technology level and unlock Power-Up Items to research more powerful units.
Build even more useful and efficient buildings.
As the game begins, you will be presented with a series of simple missions to help you grasp the basics of gameplay and to enjoy Gunners Union Apk v1.2.2 full cracked now.
A social component allows you to visit Friends' cities and recruit their units to reinforce your own in battle.
As you cooperate with other players, your Friendship rating increases, leading to special bonuses and effects!

What's new: Free Gunners Union Apk Android
- Fixed a bug in the change of the guest user's nickname.
- Fixed a bug where the PvP battle history is not displayed correctly.
- If Fails to downloading the application data, was modified to return to the title.

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