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October 21, 2013

Ultra Burst Camera Apk v3.0.8

Requirements: 2.2+
Overview: NOTE - this app is limited to non-color photos, due to the high capture speed. For high-speed color photos, try the "Fast Burst Camera" app unlock in mod.

This Free Ultra Burst Camera Crack for Android is capable of taking up to 40 photos per second on high-end phones - this is faster than most +$1000 DSLR cameras

This app is specifically designed for situations that require detailed frame-by-frame information of an event :

- sports photography
- science experiements
- elusive wildlife

Hold shoot button for continuous burst, or tap for fast single shots.

Supports flash, focus and zoom. Shutter sound can be turned of.

DISCLAIMER : due to the high speed, pictures are not taken in the highest resolution possible, AND without color.
This app uses your device hardware to the extreme - some devices are faster than others. 10 photos per seconds are measured on a Nexus One 2.2

What's in Ultra Burst Camera Apk Crack :
MAJOR improvement in burst size - now up to 100 pictures in a burst!
You can test this by selecting "All Available" in the Memory Buffer Size preference.
Please email support@spritefish.com if you experience issues with this.

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