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October 11, 2013

AppWererabbit (Toolbox) Pro v2.2.1

Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: App Wererabbit Free Crack Download for android is a set of tools developed to help you manage app and apk files on your smartphone and tablet.

★ App Backup & Restore - Backup app (.apk file), allow fast app re-install without the needs of Play Store, also support auto-backup and multi versions
★ App list backup - Backup the list of installed apps for easy install on your new device, support multiple lists
★ App2SD (Move apps to SD) - Identify and facilitate the moving of apps that support this function to SD card
★ App Cache Cleaner - An 1-Tap Cleaner that also perform on schedule
★ App Sharer - Share interesting apps you discovered with your friends
★ Apk Installer - Search the device's storage for .apk files for easy installation
★ Apk Renamer - Search the device's storage for .apk files for individual or bulk rename to a custom name format

There are tons of apps on Play Store with above abilities, but most contains ads and/or analytics.

If you're looking for one that is free and ads less, why not give this one a try.

PRO Features:
★ Quick delete backup from Installed Apps screen, this allow delete backup of an installed app without having to goto the Backuped Apps screen
★ Quick uninstall from Backuped Versions screen, this allow easy version downgrade
★ Options to delete backup during single app uninstall on Installed Apps screen
★ Options to delete apk file in Rename APK and Search APK

*** Important notes ***
(1) App backup cannot backup data or settings of an app, only the apk file.
(2) Support for App2SD is dependent on your device's Android implementation, please refer to FAQ inside app for more information.
(3) Support for facebook, Dropbox, etc... requires corresponding app client installed.
(4) On Jelly Bean (4.2+), it is not possible to remove cache completely, approx. 12KB remain, this is a system behaviour.

* Arabic (العربية)
* Danish (Dansk)
* Chinese (繁體/简体)
* English
* French (Français)
* Hungarian (Magyar)
* Italian (Italiano)
* Slovak (Slovenčina)
* Spanish (Español)

What's New:
Note: Display language is user selectable (Settings > Appearance > Display language)
* Added Portuguese (Brazil) translation. Thanks to duds (eduds XDA)
* Updated Chinese, Italian, Persian and Russian translation
* Removed German translation
* md5: b8c04632f14fcdd022368f5d8b2f755d

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