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September 3, 2013

Scorch Apk v1.0.3 Full Unlocked

Install Full Game Scorch v1.0.3 Full/Unlocked
Requirements: 2.3.3+
Overview: Unleash the Dragon! Follow an epic adventure through time, run, duck, pass and navigate your way through five exciting games, find all the hidden objects, reach the end and unlock the secret dragon animation!

The story follows three children, Rhys, Megan and Dylan, who are on a tour of the Millennium Stadium. While in the Welsh dressing room they magically get transported back through time. They soon find out that it was Merlin who brought them back in time. Merlin, you see, is a huge fan of rugby. He uses his magical powers to watch rugby games from the future in his cauldron. Merlin loves the fact that Wales won the 6 Nations and grand slam in 2012, and the 6 Nations in 2013 but wants them to reach the next level, world domination! Merlin explains that the children must 'unleash the red dragon' in their time to give the Welsh team and nation the extra fire and drive and determination they will need to take on the world.

The children will be sent on a number of quests and adventures, including freeing the sword in the stone, discovering who wrote the Welsh national anthem, finding and hatching a dragon's egg in the coal mines of the 19th century ultimately returning them to the present day where they will have the final clue as to how to Unleash the Dragon. At this point in the game, after they have figured out the final clue, players will watch the animation as the dragon is revealed and unleashed!

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