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September 1, 2013

Greenified Pro - Save Battery Apk v1.3 Full Unlocked

Install Full App Greenified Pro - Save Battery v1.3 for Android
Requirements: Android 2.2+
Overview: Greenified Pro Full Crack for Android is the same as my free Greenified, except it allows further customizations.

For your computer/device screen to show a bright pixel, such as White, it takes significantly more power than a darker pixel. On mobile devices, the biggest battery killer is the display. By applying a darker filter over your device screen, your power is greatly saved while the screen is on, as it requires less power to display everything.Greenified Pro allows you to apply a filter over your screen to reduce the brightness even further than the Android operating system allows. You are able to pre configure settings, including screen intensity and a brightness setting. When running, all settings are applied instantly, and restored to the previous state on stopping.
With this Pro version, you are now able to customize the color of the screen filter. This can make it easier on the eyes by applying slight color hues over the screen.
In addition, there is a Widget included for easy enabling/disabling right from your home screen!
Please note, on some devices this may (as will any screen filter app) prevent the Install or Uninstall button of the Package Installer from working. You may need to disable the app before installing/uninstalling apps. A future release will detect when the package installer is active, and disable itself.

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