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August 3, 2013

Weather Station Apk v2.4.3

Install Full Apk Weather Station 2.4.3 Free Android
Requirements: Android 2.2.x+
Overview: Fully Functional Weather Station

Weather Station Apk v2.4.3

* Supports both large screen HD and phone displays
* Pressure
* Current conditions widget
* Forecast weather widget
* Rainfall
* Humidity
* Wind Speed and direction
* Metric and American Standard Units
* Automatic location update by wifi or GPS
* Sunrise and Sunset
* Digital Clock and Widgets
* Talking Clock and Weather announcement
* Service providers supported: Yahoo Weather, Weather Underground (PWS), BBC Backstage and NOAA.

Questions, comments, or bug reports? Feedback is welcome, just send to or use the in app request support form.

What's New for Weather Station .Apk
* Fix NOAA, YAHOO and Open Weather Map Providers
* Fix Forecasts providers
* Fix NOAA Widgets

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