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February 15, 2013

Camera Capture Every Moment Apk v1.0.3

Camera Capture Every Moment Apk v1.0.3
Camera Capture Every Moment Apk Download

Holds camera time - Time Machine
Time Machine came into the camera!

Take a moment, the past and the future cross-App Do not miss out on the precious moments!

Innovative camera based on the point of taking pictures of the past and the future, with pictures showing the App App.

1 Simple photo shoot!
Complex camera app go! Itself completely simple! Press, just give me a click!
- Do not forget the flash button sense!

2 Intuitive Select photos!
Tapping Press what you want out of the past, present, and future photo!
- 'Save' the push of a button, all the pictures on your phone-!

3 Time to edit the camera!
- To find out all the photos you have selected one of the pictures!
- Difficult to edit the touch of a button, instead finished!

4 Stating secret pictures to your friends!
Photographing and send to your friends now! Katok
Pebuk, Twitter, also you can share your photos!

Capture Every Moment App Mezzomedia (mezzo-media) is a formal application.
Capture Every Moment App to download and use free.

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